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Who do you contact when you are having an issue in D-Tools System Integrator (SI)? This is a question the Customer Success team is asked frequently. The answer? The D-Tools Support Team! The D-Tools Support Team is a group of experts who can assist you with all types of SI-related technical and/or feature related questions. So now that you know who to contact, the next question is how?

There are several ways to contact support when they are needed. You can submit a ticket directly from the homepage of SI:

Use the support tab on our website (https://d-tools.com/support-ticket/):

You can also email our support team at support@d-toolshelp.com.

Or, you can open a chat to get an immediate response. This can be initiated on any page on our website. Look for the blue chat icon in the lower right corner:

Now that you have an open support ticket, what happens next? Your ticket goes into a queue and is then separated into two categories, Gold and Bronze. Gold Support customers get priority phone and remote access assistance when needed. Bronze customers get email-based support only. If there is an instance that yields a phone call, Bronze customers will be billed $95 per case. The average response time is two hours for both Gold and Bronze customers.

Side Note: Don’t know which category you fall into? Contact your Customer Success Manager by emailing csm@d-tools.com.

Also, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

You are never alone in your journey with D-Tools!  The D-Tools Support Team and the Customer Success Team is committed to ensuring that all aspects of ongoing support and implementation are consistent and effective to help with your company’s overall success.

The Customer Success Team