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Projects are the central area of the D-Tools SI workflow. Within an SI project you can create and assign locations and systems, and as you add products to the project from the catalog, you are essentially building a bill of materials or equipment list. Labor calculations are automatically assigned based on your labor rates and estimated time to install, so as you add products and packages SI is automatically calculating an estimated install price. All documentation is generated from the project file, from Client reports (such as Proposals, Contracts, etc.) to Drawings (via our integration with Visio and AutoCAD), as well as installation and management reports.

SIX 2016 boasts a number of productivity enhancements around project creation, editing, and management.  From subtle UI enhancements to specific features, users will benefit from improved workflow and time-savings for many of the operations used on a daily basis.

New in SI 2016

Productivity Improvements – A number of feature enhancements have been added to improve project workflow in such areas as locations, working with and adding products/labor to existing packages, cloning/replacing products, and UI settings.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.43.39 AM

Add Discount to Project Price Rules – This allows users to change the Net Unit Price of products in a project and maintain a discount instead of changing price directly.


Round Up/Down Price of Products – This allows users to round up or down the cost and price of products in a project. There are four options – round, round up, round down, and round to nearest decimal point. Rounding can also be applied when using a price rule.


Compute Price of Miscellaneous Items and Service Order Labor – Users can calculate the price of a miscellaneous item in a project based on project items. This can be useful to help calculate warranty costs or shipping. This same functionality can also be applied to adding a labor item in a Service Order.


Project Editor Improvements – A number of productivity enhancements have been added to the SI 2016 Project Editor, all designed to save time and increase efficiency.

Promote Revision File Restore – Gives users the option to select which files to restore or overwrite when promoting a project revision

Import Locations/Systems to Insert Drawing Pages – Option to add locations/systems from the source project to destination project

Import/Export Scope of Work RTF Files – Enables sharing of Scope of Work files across projects

Update Similar Items Prompt – notifies user to update similar items when item editor is closed

Improved Project History – displays changes on each project check in