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D-Tools guest article with USAV Group Leadership (Chris Salazar-Mangrum, VP of USAV and Patrick Whipkey, director of USAV)

Did you know that the USAV Group (USAV) is comprised of over 70 technology integrators in the US and internationally? Did you know that USAV is partnered with over 34 brands including D-Tools, across 12 manufacturers to provide buying benefits for the integrators? USAV is also so much more than that! USAV is a community where key players in the professional audio and visual industry come together to collaborate, support one another and learn.

For the past three months, USAV banded together its network of systems integrators and vendor partners to create weekly townhall meetings. These townhall meetings provided a collaborative environment for a diverse set of business leaders with an objective to collaborate and find solutions to the COVID-19 impacts on businesses.

USAV provided members and partners a platform where they could share how they were dealing with rapidly evolving business challenges and opportunities that COVID-19 presented. One of the foundational pillars that USAV is built on is the collaboration within the network. By bringing the network together each week there was evidence that the relationships were enhanced by everyone who joined in the conversations. USAV also leveraged a collaborative communications space for information sharing among the members outside of the weekly townhall meetings.  

Each week USAV changed the areas of focus based on the obstacles that were relevant to the network at that point. There was a wide range of topics and experts who shared perspectives on tax law, federal loan information, human resources information, sales training, new vertical markets and regional challenges, to name a few. By keeping the information fresh and relevant to reflect the dynamic times, the network learned and grew together.

Industry experts, peer-led discussions and overall information sharing are just a few of the ways USAV helped its network of systems integrators and vendor partners sort through COVID-19 as a collective. Through times of change and challenge, USAV brings its members together to collaborate and help each other learn and grow. USAV is stronger together as a group and the weekly town hall not only proved that each week but it also made the group stronger. Competition within the industry is tight and the members of USAV understand that if they work together, they will succeed together.

For information on joining USAV Group www.usavgroup.net