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One of the great features for D-Tools System Integrator 2018 is the ability to export Visio Diagrams to PDF. This allows users to get their Visio Drawings in a format that can be printed out with relative ease. Now that you have your Visio drawing complete, you go to export to PDF so you can print it out and show your co-workers how awesome you are but you see some of your pages are missing the background.


Here is how it looks without your background in PDF:


Here is the very simple way to fix this issue.


  • Open the Visio drawing from your project.
  • Right-click on drawing page tab which is having the issue and select Page Setup.


  • Select the Page Properties tab. For the Background properties, select None from the drop-down list. Click Apply and OK.



  • Now go to the Title Page background.
  • Click CTRL + A to select all shapes on that page, Then CTRL + C to copy all of the shapes.

  • Go back to the page having the issue and press CTRL +V to paste the background shapes to the page.


  • If your title background page size and drawing scales are different from your other pages, you may have to either adjust your shapes or just change your title background page size and drawing scales to match the page with the issue.

Now save the Visio drawing as a PDF, and your background will display as expected!

If you need to contact our support team, you can open up a ticket by sending an email to support@d-toolshelp.com or by opening a chat.

Thanks for your time!!