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Have you ever had the following error message pop up?

Have you ever imported products but were unable to find them in your Catalog?

Have you ever “Updated from the Library”  and noticed some products missing?

(You may want to un-check the “Discontinued” checkbox inside “Options” if you want to be more in control of if/when something gets marked as “Discontinued”).

These are all signs of hidden items in your Catalog.

Sometimes between updates from the library, CSV imports and multiple people making changes to the Catalog products we end up being unable to find certain items. Although the system suggests these items exist in our catalog, they do not come up via the search bar or even a manual search. This usually happens when products intentionally or accidentally get marked as “Unapproved” or “Discontinued” and become hidden under the respective filter.


But fear not, there is an easy solution. To resolve this issue, you will want to open your SI Catalog > go to “Home” tab > “Quick Filter” > “Discontinued Only” > open the product and un-check the “Discontinued” checkbox or you can do a “Mass Update” to change this for multiple products at the same time.

Unapproved vs. Discontinued

Both “Unapproved” products, as well as “Discontinued” products, get their own filter and place in the Product Catalog. However, only the “Discontinued” field can get “Updated from the Library” as the “Unapproved” field would have to be changed manually by the user.

      Excel Import

Lastly, let’s take a look at the Excel import. During the import process you are able to add the “Discontinued” as well as the “Approved” fields to your spreadsheet and set these values manually (using “True” or “False”). This step provides users with an option to update these fields during import without having to make any changes in SI.

Should you need any further assistance, please contact us at support@d-toolshelp.com, open a support ticket at https://d-tools.com/open-a-support-ticket/ or start a Live Chat via http://messenger.providesupport.com/messenger/dtools.html