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TRXio Integration

Today’s system integrators face a number of challenges from inefficient field operations to struggles with cash flow, and poor inventory management is often the culprit. Further, improper management of inventory and other assets can quickly lead to misappropriation and loss. To avoid such risks, D-Tools and TRXio have partnered to ensure that inventory is efficiently, seamlessly and accurately tracked from proposal through purchase and installation using state-of-the-art inventory tracking and management tools. 

TRXio is a cloud-based inventory management and asset-tracking software solution for the AV industry that takes advantage of the latest QR- and bar-code scanning technology. The API integration with the D-Tools SI platform helps integrators streamline operations, standardize processes and maintain clear and consistent communication between the office/warehouse and the field, leading to new operating efficiencies, improved cash flow and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

Through this integration, D-Tools users will experience the following benefits across multiple departments:


  • Ready access to product status (i.e. requested, purchased, received, staged, delivered) throughout the project workflow
  • Precise inventory tracking that leads to time and cost savings 
  • Reduced need for communications between the office/warehouse and the field
  • Increased field efficiency
  • Reduced inventory for better cash flow management

The D-Tools – TRXio integration enables you to:

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Import New and Existing Products

Create existing and new inventory products in Tracknicity. Detailed information such as model and part number, product description, price, and cost information is automatically transferred to Tracknicity.

Track Products in Real-time

Tracknicity’s built-in UPC scanning app enables real-time tracking of inventory assets – from receiving product shipments to staging, all the way through delivery and installation.

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Ensure Accurate Accounting

Connect to your QuickBooks account through D-Tools SI to automatically sync accurate inventory tracking data for job costing and invoicing.

D-Tools and TRXio Integration FAQs:

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