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D-Tools and TRXio API Integration FAQs

What is TRXio?

TRXio is a state-of-the-art inventory management and asset-tracking solution for the AV industry.

What are the benefits of TRXio?

TRXio gives users the power to accurately, quickly and easily track inventory and project progress. TRXio provides end-to-end, real-time tracking and management of the entire inventory. From receiving product shipments to in-house locations, technician delivery truck inventory, tracking outside purchases, and client job product use, TRXio allows integrators to know where their inventory is at all times. The proprietary QR coded scanning system of all products, including serialized hardware, small parts, furniture, fixtures and tools, helps users track individual parts with ease. TRXio gives management personnel total, instant, accurate inventory visibility and unprecedented real-time asset management.

What benefits does the TRXio integration provide to D-Tools users?

The integration between D-Tools and TRXio provides a seamless workflow from the initial project proposal through to the install with the inclusion for the first time of inventory tracking and management to ensure data integrity throughout the project lifecycle.  This integration with the D-Tools SI platform helps integrators streamline operations, standardize processes and improve operating efficiencies while enabling clear and consistent communication between staff members. D-Tools users are now able to track products from procurement through installation, better manage inventory and, as a result, improve cash flow and overall profitability.

Will users have to be both a D-Tools and a TRXio customer to use this integration?

Yes, the integration is only available to both D-Tools and TRXio customers. D-Tools SI users will be provided with a registration process directly via the application to register with TRXio and retrieve their API key in order to enable the features.

How does pricing work?

In order to access this integration you must be both a D-Tools and TRXio customer – for TRXio pricing please visit www.trxio.com or call TRXio at 844.868.7225 or (303) 862-3000 and mention D-Tools.

This integration is available to D-Tools users participating in the D-Tools Software Assurance plan for an additional monthly fee. Please contact your D-Tools sales representative at 866.386.6571 or (925) 681-2326 Option 1.

How do I connect to TRXio from D-Tools?

Access “manage integrations” in your D-Tools Control Panel, then copy your provided TRXio API Key. Copy that API Key within TRXio’s Configuration setting and you’ll be ready to import D-Tools projects into TRXio.

What if a product I have in the project isn’t already in TRXio?

That product can easily be created in TRXio. Detailed information such as model and part number, product description, price and cost information is automatically transferred to TRXio.

What if the customer I have in the project doesn’t exist in TRXio?

The customer information can be easily created. Appropriate fields will be automatically filled in.

For more information on TRXio please visit www.trxio.com.