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Per our latest software release and our focus on the new features, this blog entry will take a look at the Allowances option now live within System Integrator v13.  This enables SI users to include a budgetary amount for items that may not yet be known, per the pending specific installation details, but will need to be included for procurement and actual inventory and ledger allocation.

The scenario we’ll focus on for this review will be devoted to those pesky little details that surround the installation of video panels.  As we all know, sometimes the necessary items cannot be identified until your team visits the site or opens the wall.  And, there always seems to be some part that gets left out or forgotten that the allowance provision can aid with remedying.

So, for those of you already on board with our Software Assurance program that have upgraded to v13, please enjoy the following details.  For those of you ready to “get with the program” and upgrade your prior version of SI, please reach out to our Customer Success team here.  For those of you that are considering D-Tools SI software, please reach out to our Account Management team here.

With all that said, let’s take a look…

When adding an Allowance to SI, you must first add it to your Package Explorer.  This will enable it to be added to any project in the future.  You can do this by simply clicking on the “New” icon in the top left corner and then selecting “Allowance”:

From there you will see this:

You now have the option to create a name and description while including an image for your reports.
And for those of you long-time SI users, you will have no doubt recognized the similarity between this feature and a standard Package within SI.  Keep in mind too that, many of the rules of the Allowances, follow the rules of SI Packages.

Once the above details are populated, you should have something resembling this:

From there, as you may well have guessed, we will proceed to the Price tab:

Once there, we need to review our pricing options:

Areas above that need focus are as follows:

  • Product pricing structure (standard or calculated) – Here is where you can set the structure of your product pricing within the allowance.
  • Labor pricing (also standard or calculated) – Here is where you can set the structure of your labor pricing within the Allowance.
    Note: you can also choose a specific cost or cost/price from a phase for your labor value.
  • Tax – The Tax designation needs some attention and, per our usual designations, it can be tax-exempt if need be.

Once these values are set, we can proceed to the Items tab:

First, we must set the Price Type and, by default, it will follow the defined type set in the project.

Next, we can now add Products or Labor items (if necessary for the Allowance at the Catalog level).

And, just like other areas of SI where you can add Items, if you click on “Add Products” or “Add Labor” here, you will open your respective catalog explorers where you can then navigate to the specific items you need to include.

Once created, we can now proceed with adding our newly created Allowance to an SI Project.
You just need to employ your preferred method of adding items from your Package Explorer when you are operating in an SI Project:

And, as suspected, you can adjust the usual details (price details, item quantities, locations, systems, etc.) within the project, just like a Package:

Once those determinations are made, the Allowance is added to the bill of materials:

We can now run Reports and present this value to the client:

Upon winning the job and designating the SI Project as Approved…

…we can now move to adding the actual items to the Allowance without any change to the established and presented price that the client has accepted. 

So, as per the seemingly usual details of a project, when the proposed bracket doesn’t fit the space or the HDMI cable presented ends up being too short,

we can use the Internal Change Order process to make these adjustments

and transmit those values to the necessary team members in Procurement and Project Management by running a POR report or simply creating a new PO.

And just like that, you’ve completed a “crash” course in SI’s new Allowances feature set.
Hopefully the new Allowance feature set of SI v13 will enable your team to enhance your quoting and sales process thus furthering your company’s ability to capture and include those pesky, small item and hardware related details! 

In closing…

For more information on these and other features of SI v13, please see this link: D-Tools SI v13.
You can also get more detailed information about v13 via our upcoming webinars or by enrolling in SI training with our PSG team.

And don’t forget, that’s why we’re here to ensure your success with our product!  Be sure to check back here next month for more on System Integrator.