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What you can learn, when you need to learn it

Wouldn’t it be great to know how many quotes you have outstanding?  What about getting that data with associations such as client name, amounts, and what member of your sales team owns the responsibility of closing the deal?  Well, D-Tools Business Intelligence engine can provide that and even more!

Even as longtime users of our software, some of you may not even be aware of these features since they went “live” with the release of SI 2017.  This may come as something of a surprise but certainly not shocking as d-tools has been endeavoring for a while now to provide our dealers with accurate and timely information about the quotes and projects they create within the SI platform.

And, on top of what users can gain about sales insights, our Business Intelligence engine can also offer management keen and useful information about labor and product usage and (most importantly) profitability.

So let’s look at how SI 2017 can deliver this information and more:

The “Dashboard”

So first things first, let’s get you to the interface!  For those new to SI (or in case you hadn’t located this feature before), the Dashboard can easily be accessed from the Home Page…

Or from within the Project Explorer.

Sales Insights

  • Perhaps most importantly about why dealers use and appreciate SI is the sales and quoting aspect.
    Right out of the “box,” our software comes defaulted to provide users with valuable information. So let’s review what exactly can be harnessed from the available data within SI.
    -Projects at glance
    -Sales (Pipeline)
    -Sales (Won)
    -Sales Volume (Pipeline)
    -Sales Volume (Won)
    And here’s what that view looks like:

From here, you can begin to review any of these areas by Sales Rep, by Client, or by Stage.

Based on what you select, your result could look like this:

Here is another view:

Hovering with your mouse over any of the columns will give you total amounts.

You can also generate Pie Chart…

…and Bar Graphs.

With this flexibility in mind, let’s take a look at the other areas of the interface.


Business Insights

With this application, you can now begin to review aspects of your team’s profitability.
This will enable dealers to very quickly generate information crucial to their assessment of what is working and what is not working concerning Labor, Product, and overall Project success.

Further, users can dive down even deeper into the details of these areas and their related Profitability.

For example, perhaps you’d like to review Labor Items by Phase…

Or maybe you’d like to glance at Product Profitability by Manufacturer.

As with the Sales Insight views, these options can be viewed as Pie Charts and Bar Graphs as well.

And again, moving your mouse over any of the columns, bars, or “slices” will give you total amounts for the given area.

Product and Labor Insights

And now an area that may be new to many dealers – accessing vital product and labor data.
From here, unique views are provided into several areas of utilization: Labor Item Cost, Price, and Usage, Phase Labor Hours, Product Cost and Price, Product Installation Price, as well as Product Usage.

Now that’s quite a bit of information possibilities to review so let’s dive into just a couple here.  One very interesting option to review could be Labor Item Usage by System:

Here we can view a great bit of data about how the team is bidding various labor items and just at a glance, multiple assessments can be drawn based on this presentation. And here is another great example of what you can glean from this Business Intelligence engine: Product Cost and Pricing by Manufacturer.

What’s great here is that you get a tremendous insight into what brands are working best for your bottom line.  And there’s always that hovering mouse option that will give you the exact amounts for each section of data.

Custom Dashboard Insights (Bonus Capability)
Aside from containing some great default data configurations, the Business Intelligence engine can also be customized to harness the data our dealers need to see.

Our unique interface will allow users to source data from the following areas of SI: Projects, Projects Items, Project Products, and Project Labor Items.  You can then use various filter options along category selections of Sales, Business, and Product and Labor Insights to create the very data you and your team need to review.

So now you are set!  As a user of D-tools SI 2017, you’ve got enhanced capabilities beyond our core strengths of Quoting, Project Management, and System Design.

And as we move forward with our software evolution, we intend to deliver even more unique and useful attributes for our dealers so they can maximize their overall goals of efficiency and profitability.