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The CEDIA Designer Integration

AV system integrators and installers face a multitude of challenges associated with specifying and designing home cinema projects. Manual and labor-intensive processes can often times cause inaccuracy in designs and projects to come in over-budget. To avoid such risks, D-Tools and The CEDIA Designer (TCD) have partnered to provide a powerful, time-saving, more technically accurate method of designing and specifying home cinema and media rooms, further streamlining the process from initial concept and design through installation. TCD is a cloud-based design tool that allows installers and dealers to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes, giving the integrator more time to focus on the client due to spending less time on the mechanics of the design process. The combination of D-Tools’ estimation, design and documentation capabilities, along with TCD’s award-winning cloud-based home cinema design tool provides system integrators and installers with a complete solution to streamline the manual, labor-intensive process of designing a technically perfect residential theater, while taking care of all estimation and project management – allowing both D-Tools and TCD customers to realize substantial cost savings and return on investment.

The D-Tools – The CEDIA Designer integration enables home cinema system integrators and installers to:

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Import TCD Designs Into D-Tools

Once a cinema design is completed in TCD, users can quickly export their cinema or media room design into D-Tools SI via a CSV file, then calculate local area pricing, TAX, required labor and associated costs. In addition, users with the availability I/O connection schedules for products, as well as the ability to import TCD’s CAD drawings into Visio.

Detailed Project Specifications

Product information from the TCD drawing can now be utilized throughout the project workflow – making it easy to turn those detailed specifications into fast, accurate proposals and other client facing documentation.

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Project Management and Reporting

Once approved, D-Tools’ project management capabilities help streamline the purchasing, scheduling, and installation of the project – unifying the project workflow and providing a powerful solution to design, sell, manage, schedule, and install cinema and media rooms on-time and to-budget.

D-Tools – The CEDIA Designer FAQs:

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