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The CEDIA Designer
Integration FAQs

What is The CEDIA Designer?

The CEDIA Designer (TCD) is a two-time CEDIA Award-winning cloud-based design tool that allows home cinema professionals to design any dedicated cinema or media room in minutes.

What are the benefits of The CEDIA Designer?

TCD calculates and produces in minutes what would typically take an experienced residential cinema designer weeks to design, producing a comprehensive design to guide the physical home cinema installation, as well as a PDF ready to produce to a client. A key feature of TCD lies in its ability to create a 3D CAD drawing of any room in 30 seconds: TCD inserts all of the equipment specified in the cinema or media room design, such as loudspeakers, screen, projector, seating etc., perfectly in a 3D CAD drawing, outlining where key equipment needs to be installed in relation to product output. Bolstering TCD’s time-saving credentials further is the software’s ability to calculate speaker placements for high render channel count home theatres in seconds. In fact, using TCD is the only way home technology professionals can accurately design technically perfect immersive audio home theatres in minutes. Key to TCD’s appeal is the fact that installers using the software waste fewer man hours, spending minutes or hours on projects, rather than weeks – which is particularly beneficial should projects end up not taking place in the event that the client changes their mind or opts for another integration firm.

What benefits does the The CEDIA Designer integration provide to D-Tools users?

D-Tools’ proposal and project management feature-sets, integrated with TCD’s technical aspects of residential theater design, offers system integrators and installers with a faster, technically accurate method of designing and specifying home cinemas and media rooms. D-Tools customers using TCD for their cinema designs will not only benefit from technically accurate, quickly produced theatre designs and full proposal and project management, but will dramatically increase their chances of producing award winning residential theatre installations. TCD calculates and produces all of the documentation needed in order to reach the required level for the standard of entry into the CEDIA Awards, meaning that anybody using TCD can compete with companies with a greater level of critical mass.

Will users have to be both a D-Tools and a TCD customer to use this integration?

Yes, the integration is only available to both D-Tools and TCD customers.

How do I connect to TCD from D-Tools?

This is an “import” integration, meaning that data originates in TCD and is imported into D-Tools, as a .csv import. There is no setup needed.

The only required step is to create a project in D-Tools, then import the Project_Items from the TCD export (csv) file. For more information, please visit our documentation wiki.

How does pricing work?

In order to access this integration you must be both a D-Tools and TCD customer – pricing for TCD is available via thecediadesigner.org.

This integration is available to D-Tools users participating in the D-Tools Software Assurance plan.