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D-Tools System Integrator (SI) is a robust, comprehensive, on-premises solution catering to the diverse needs of sophisticated residential, commercial, and security integrators as well as technology managers at universities, corporations, and governmental entities. SI streamlines project workflows, improving operational efficiencies and healthier bottom line results.

Used by more than 6,000 businesses in over 80 countries, SI provides an end-to-end solution that guides users through the sales, estimation, system designs (via integrations with Visio and AutoCAD), project management, installation, and service aspects of their business and integrates with multiple accounting/ERP back office solutions to ensure seamless and error-free data flow. A sophisticated business intelligence reporting engine helps guide both tactical and strategic business decisions.

What’s New In SI



D-Tools makes it easy to create fast, accurate, professional looking proposals based on actual manufacturer product specifications – install time and labor costs are automatically calculated as products are added to the proposal, helping to ensure that projects are created and estimated with profitability in mind. Learn more >


D-Tools allows you to create detailed engineered drawings via Visio and AutoCAD. Because everything in SI is data-driven, you can quickly and easily generate detailed Line, Plan, Elevation, and Schematic drawings by simply dragging and dropping products from your catalog or project file to your drawing surface to create your drawings. Learn more >


D-Tools offers complete project scheduling, resource management and powerful reporting capabilities to help ensure that you deliver the job on-time and to budget. SI makes it easy to schedule and assign tasks to your field technicians and installers, communicate those tasks, then update completion status back to the software with our Mobile Install feature. Learn more >


Product Data

D-Tools has a comprehensive library of manufacturer product specifications – model number, images, descriptions, dimensions, MSRP, and more – that drives all project activity.


The SI Catalog provides powerful tools to help users add, manage and update product information, pricing, accessories, and packages – the main components of D-Tools’ data-driven process.


Projects are at the center of the D-Tools workflow. Build dynamic equipment lists that drive project documentation and operations. D-Tools’ Change Order process enables the creation of multiple, persistent Change Orders.

Customer Portal

Publish project documents to the Web. Enables review, comment, approvals and e-signatures of Proposals, Contracts, Change Orders, Drawings and other documents from any web-enabled device.

Client & Mgmt. Reports

Generate professional client and project documentation. D-Tools provides a number of report templates such as Proposals, Checklists, Gross Profit, Project Hours, and more.


D-Tools integrates with Visio and AutoCAD to create detailed engineering drawings. Generate Line, Plan, Elevation, and Schematic drawings quickly and easily via a simple drag and drop.

Purchase Orders

Generate and manage purchase orders for project ordering and stock items. Send purchase orders via email or directly through D-Tools’ Vendor Portal. Purchase orders can be received in D-Tools and also be sent to QuickBooks and TRXio for inventory management.


D-Tools’ company and project calendars enable you to create Install Tasks and Service Orders for any project or resource. Tasks and Service Orders can be moved around the calendar via drag and drop, making it easy to accommodate schedule changes.

Mobile Install

Publish Install Tasks and Service Orders to the D-Tools cloud. Field technicians and installers can access tasks from any web-enabled device. Track status and install time, take site notes and photos, and sync information back to D-Tools project for reporting.

QuickBooks Integration

D-Tools provides a seamless integration with QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online in order to ensure accurate invoicing and accounting for products, labor, and project information – eliminating double data entry.

Business Intelligence

D-Tools can now report critical project and product information across multiple projects, providing a powerful business intelligence engine to drive visual reports for analysis of key performance indicators.

3rd Party Integrations

D-Tools’ API and 3rd party integrations extend the D-Tools platform and allow data to flow seamlessly throughout the project lifecycle – from initial client contact through the ongoing service relationship.

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