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This new version of D-Tools’ estimation, design, and project management software delivers a wealth of enhancements to help system integrators boost productivity, streamline processes, and increase profitability.

Here are some of the new features that we offer on our System Integrator (SI) solution:

  • Service Plans – the ability to define, create, sell, and manage Service Plans for new and existing projects, extending the reach of SI. Now, users can manage projects in SI from the initial proposal through the on-going post-completion service relationship. Service Orders will be linked to Service Plans to accurately track estimated vs. actual results, both in terms of hours and dollars.
  • Allowance Packages – SI users can now create “Allowance Packages” during the bidding process, and then replace those placeholders with actual products after the contract is signed without affecting the project price.
  • Bundled Wire/Cable Packages – a new Bundled Wire/Cable Package option eases specification and enables connections down to the individual conductor.
  • Payments Processing – the D-Tools Customer Portal now enables users to accept and process credit card and ACH payments from clients.
  • AVaaS via Great America – D-Tools has partnered with Great America to offer financing options that will enable SI users to “bundle” in service plans at with their projects and present a single monthly payment to their end clients that includes the products and labor for the install of the product, as well as the service/maintenance agreement. This gives SI users an easy way to start generating recurring monthly revenue and offer “AV as a Service”.
  • AV-iQ Database Integration – a new integration between D-Tools and AV-iQ provides SI software users with access to a growing, comprehensive library of detailed product information from AV-iQ’s database of products, ensuring data integrity throughout any project’s workflow. When used together, this vital product and engineering data helps users quickly and accurately find, select, and use that detailed information for their proposals and project documentation.

The newest version of D-Tools SI emphasizes trends within the integration community, including a focus on service plans for recurring revenue and better service, plus easy payment processing via credit or ACH to help improve cash flow. Overall, the enhancements to SI v13 can improve operational efficiency for integrators, resulting in increased profitability, while reducing time, costs, and errors with a streamlined business process.

If you have not yet upgraded or would like to improve your usage of Systems Integrator V13, please contact our Customer Success Team to obtain more information on how we can improve and increase your usage of our solution.

Customer Success team: csm@d-tools.com.