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For Engineering: System Design

Established universal industry standards are an important component of successful drawing designs and technical projects, creating uniformity within any given project for clear communication across all areas in any systems installation project. D-Tools’ legendary drawing capabilities leverage industry standards for effective communication with customers, internal teams, and other trades.

D-Tools System Integrator allows you to create detailed engineered drawings via Microsoft Visio and AutoDesk AutoCAD. Because everything in System Integrator is data-driven, you can quickly and easily generate detailed Line, Plan, Elevation, and Schematic drawings by simply dragging and dropping products from your catalog or project file to your drawing surface to create your drawings.

FreeTools PSL (Professional Symbol Library) is a free D-Tools application designed to provide Microsoft® Visio users with multiple libraries of industry-specific plan view shapes that will help make it both easier to create drawings using universally accepted industry standards and clearly communicate with trade professionals.

Design in System Integrator

It is very easy to create drawings using Microsoft Visio, which is fully integrated and available as part of drawing-enabled versions of SI. You can also generate drawings with AutoCAD (which must be purchased separately). D-Tools SI generates 4 types of engineering drawings: Line Diagrams (in Visio only), Plan Views, Elevations, and Schematics.

D-Tools SI utilizes data from the products in your catalog and included in your project to generate the drawings. D-Tools’ extensive library of Visio AV Shapes and AutoCAD Blocks are leveraged to build drawings that are dimensionally correct and help communicate the install to the customer, your install teams, and other trades. Separate drawing page types visualize the data in a different way. Line diagrams will utilize the associated jpg image, while utilizing the associated dimensions to draw a to-scale front or side view of the equipment. A Plan view page will utilize industry standard plan view icons (including J-STD 710, Electrical, SIA, etc.) so you can place the equipment on a floor plan, and you can connect the entire system to a Schematic page, which shows point-to-point connections and enables you to then generate installation reports such as Wire Schedules, Wire Checklists, even generate wire labels for the entire project. Detailed input/output information can be captured in the catalog and visualized on a schematic drawing for detailed documentation before and after the installation.


D-Tools’ FreeTools PSL (Professional Symbol Library) application provides Visio users with free libraries of these residential and commercial industry-specific plan view shapes that make it easier to create drawings to communicate using universally accepted industry standards.

FreeTools PSL is initially available with three Symbol Libraries – Audio-Video-Control, Security, and Custom. The AVC (Audio-Video-Control) stencils are a residential version based on the J-STD-710 symbols created by a joint committee from CEDIA, CEA, and InfoComm. The Security stencils are based on the SIA Architectural Graphic Standard, and the Custom stencils contain useful symbols such as wire, text call-out, and a Universal dimension shape.

FreeTools ships with a pre-defined set of drawing templates based on metric and imperial unit drawing sizes. Once the FreeTools software is registered, all drawings will feature your company information, logo and project information for a professional look. Users can import a floorplan into the drawing template and add the FreeTools symbols to the drawing, referencing mount type, specify colors and labels, and more.

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