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SIX 2013 Overview

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It’s about time. Time is money. Your time is valuable and can be the difference between making profit and loss on a project.

D-Tools SIX 2013 has been re-designed to increase your productivity and efficiency by making it easier to get to core functionality so you can estimate, design and deliver your projects faster than ever before.

It’s time to work. It’s time to profit. It’s time to grow.

D-Tools System Integrator SIX 2013 is designed to be your platform for growth. This next generation version of our award-winning solution builds on over 12 years of System Integrator software experience and has been re-designed from the ground up to make it faster and easier than ever to perform the key functions of any integrators business – estimation, system design, and project management. Our solution powers these key concepts through a database-driven process that ties these elements together into a singular, connected process that reduces time, helps eliminate errors, and ultimately produces bottom line results.

We’ve completely re-designed the interface and vital functions to make it easier than ever to get started with the software, add product data, and start creating projects. SIX 2013 has even tighter integration with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 (sold separately) to help ensure that your teams know what they need to be focused on – whether they are in the office or out in the field. SIX 2013 helps ensure that you win the job and that your projects are delivered on time and to-budget.

Unified User Interface

SIX 2013 is now easier to Install, Register, and Configure than ever before. The UI has been re-designed with a familiar, intuitive ribbon interface that makes it easier to get to critical elements of the software – over 80% of the work you do every day can be accessed from a single, unified UI, increasing productivity while creating a more pleasurable user experience.

Re-designed Architecture

Comprehensive 64-Bit Support

SIX 2013 now supports all 64-bit applications natively – allowing you to take advantage of today’s faster processors and work faster than ever before.

Speed and Performance – Enhancements to the SIX 2013 application framework delivers greater performance and stability.

Control Panel – The Setup and Configuration of SIX 2013 is managed using a “Control Panel” available on the Start Menu. All Settings in SIX 2013 are stored on the Server database.

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