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SI 2015

Building new functionality on the architecture of the System Integrator platform as well as D-Tools’ Cloud infrastructure, SI 2015 makes it faster and easier than ever to perform key functions of an integrator’s business – estimation, system design, and project management. Moreover, SI 2015 offers improvements in virtually every functional area including data and project management, QuickBooks and third-party integrations, mobile connectivity, as well as a major upgrade in the software’s drawing capabilities.

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Mobile Install

SI 2015’s new Mobile Install (MI) functionality gives users the power to publish install Tasks and Service Orders to a portal powered by the D-Tools cloud that can be accessed by technicians and installers in the field from any web-enabled device.


SI 2015 boasts a number of productivity enhancements around project creation, editing, and management. Users will benefit from improved workflow and time-savings for many of the operations used on a daily basis.


The SI 2015 Product Catalog offers significant improvements to help users better manage product information and pricing – the main drivers of D-Tools’ data-driven process.


SI 2015 continues to add upgrades to D-Tools’ legendary design capabilities. Improvements to the D-Tools Visio and AutoCAD interfaces provide users with unparalleled power and automation tools that will help streamline the design process and significantly improving communication across teams.


SI 2015 represents a major improvement to the application’s scheduling and project management capabilities. Task and Service Order management and the Calendar have been re-engineered, and the addition of Mobile Install adds the power and reach of the cloud to the SI workflow.

QuickBooks Integration

SI 2015 improves on the already seamless integration to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for double data-entry and duplication of efforts. Products from the SI 2015 catalog or a project can be pushed directly to QuickBooks for accurate accounting, purchasing and invoicing.