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D-Tools and Salesforce API Integration FAQs

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The company’s cloud-based applications for sales, service, marketing, and more enable users to start connecting with customers in new ways.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

Salesforce enables commercial AV integrators and IT managers successfully manage their sales process. Users can automatically capture data and gain instant insights such as top leads, next steps, and suggested actions. Users can also see everything from sales forecasts to team performance on any device, allowing the focus to remain on the most important actions, and giving the right advice at the right time empower their sales teams close deals faster.

What benefits does the Salesforce integration provide to D-Tools users?

The integration between D-Tools and Salesforce provides a seamless workflow that ensures client, product, and project information is efficiently, seamlessly and accurately managed from the initial lead capturing and opportunity management through purchase, design, installation, and on-going service.

The combination of D-Tools System Integrator and Salesforce cloud help users streamline operations, standardize processes and improve operating efficiencies. Not only does this provide effective visibility and accountability, it allows project managers to better manage budgets, sales teams to improve opportunity wins, and financial teams to more accurately track revenue and expenses – all using powerfully integrated applications

– Export SI Projects to Salesforce
– Eliminate double data entry and make it easier to manage projects designed in D-Tools.
– Salesforce’s robust functionality can be leveraged to create automation, reports, and processes to streamline your sales process.
– Capture all the critical information when designing a project with SI in Salesforce with the D-Tools SI Connector.
– Concentrate all your contact data in a database designed for outreach

Will users have to be both a D-Tools and a Salesforce customer to utilize this integration?

Yes, the integration is only available to both D-Tools and Salesforce customers. The integration will need to be purchased from Salesforce. D-Tools SI users will be provided with a registration process directly via the application to retrieve their API key to enable the connection between the platforms.

How does pricing work?

To access this integration, you must be both a D-Tools and Salesforce customer. The Salesforce subscription (per company) is $100 per month (or $1020 per year), and can be purchased directly at the Salesforce AppExchange by visiting https://appexchange.salesforce.com. For additional information on Salesforce pricing please visit www.salesforce.com or call Salesforce at 800.667.6389.

This integration is available to D-Tools users participating in the D-Tools Software Assurance plan. Please contact your D-Tools sales representative at 866.386.6571 or (925) 681-2326 Option 1.

How do I connect to Salesforce from D-Tools?

To connect D-Tools and Salesforce there are a few simple steps to be done. Once your Salesforce account is complete and you have downloaded the D-Tools SI Connector from the Salesforce AppExchange, activate the Salesforce Integration from D-Tools and save the API Key that is generated. Then, create an API member within Salesforce cloud and save the Public and Private API keys. Once you have that information, input those keys into D-Tools SI to start exporting projects into Salesforce.

Here is the link for complete details: http://support.d-tools.com/Integrations_Support/Third_Party_Integrations/SalesForce

What if the lead of client I have in the project doesn’t exist in Salesforce?

The company information will be created. Appropriate fields will be automatically filled in and available to the rest of the application.

For more information on Salesforce please visit www.salesforce.com