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D-Tools helps Residential Systems prewire with extreme efficiency.


This beautiful home in Breckenridge, Colorado, has all the makings of the perfect retreat, including being a short walk from the downtown shopping area as well as the ski area gondola. The home also has five bedrooms and can sleep 14 comfortably, not to mention state-of-the-art technology installed by systems integrator Residential Systems, Inc., which was brought onto the project through a referral from the home’s electrician.

GreatRoomViewCentral and critical to any successful project is the management of product data.  Utilizing D-Tools’ comprehensive data library, the home has three rooms of video that all include Sony displays, CATV receivers, and Apple TVs.  Most of the rooms inside the home have distributed audio using Sonance Visual Performance or Small Aperture speakers. Full Lutron lighting, shading, and climate control are available throughout the residence, while an HAI security system keeps homeowners safe at home or away, including door and window protection along with environmental sensors. A Savant control system provides convenient control from the homeowner’s iPad.

MasterBedWhile the installation seems simple enough, even simple systems can be nightmarish when it comes to wiring, and it’s these details that can often get lost in the shuffle. “To keep things from getting lost in the shuffle, we have created prewire packages within the D-Tools System Integrator (SI) software platform that allow us to get a good wire length calculation, as well as accounting for all of the interconnect and termination pieces,” says Brad Fowler, Engineering Manager of Residential Systems. “With our packages we have also devised a system that allows us to export a wire checklist for every room of the home, as well as print pre-wire labels for every wire pulled.”

These pre-wire packages facilitated by D-Tools SI are extremely helpful for Residential Systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency on the job. For one, it gives the company’s technicians a package of labels. “If they have labels left over at the end of the pre-wire, they probably missed a wire,” says Fowler. “The packages also give us a checklist that the Project Manager can then use to verify that all of the right wire is in the right place before the walls are closed up.”

Residential Systems switched to D-Tools because its old proposal software was getting difficult to maintain and was going to require a significant investment to get up to date. It also lacked some of the features D-Tools offers, such as Microsoft Visio integration and wire labeling. The streamlined operations that have resulted were worth the cost of admission.

“Today, with all of our pre-wire information entered directly into the SI platform; we have eliminated multiple steps as well as lowered the chance for error,” Fowler adds. “Overall efficiency has gone up, which equates to a cost savings for our clients.”

SI 2015 System DesignAs for the future, Residential Systems is now actively moving its line-drawing process into D-Tools. “We expect this will provide even great accuracy in our proposals by providing an automatic double check of all parts; if it’s not in D-Tools, we can’t add it into the line drawings,” says Fowler. “In addition, these line drawings will allow us to print connection labels for all our interconnect cabling; which will provide a much cleaner finished product for clients.”

Thanks to increased efficiency, accuracy, and process, D-Tools SI platform helps Residential Systems eliminates wiring woes for itself, while saving client’s money, which gets them wired up, but in the best way possible.

Benefits from Implementing D-Tools:

  • Revenue increased by 10 %
  • Costs reduced by 50 %
  • Business processes accelerated by 15 %
  • Employee time on task reduced by 50 %
  • Internal user satisfaction increased by 20 %