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QuickBooks Integration

D-Tools provides a seamless integration with QuickBooks in order to further streamline your business processes and ensure accurate billing for products, labor, and project revision management. The D-Tools QuickBooks integration allows you to create items in QuickBooks directly from products/labor items in D-Tools System Integrator. These can then be transferred to QuickBooks as an estimate or purchase order, eliminating double data-entry. (QuickBooks integration sold separately)

SI 2017 improves on the already seamless integration to QuickBooks, adding support for QuickBooks Online, eliminating the need for double data-entry and duplication of efforts. Products from the SI 2017 catalog or a project can be pushed directly to QuickBooks for accurate accounting, purchasing and invoicing.

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You can also create items in your QuickBooks database directly from your SI catalog of products, either in batches or one by one – either way helps to eliminate the needless double data entry. You can also map SI products to existing QuickBooks items.

Easy Setup – SI QuickBooks Settings enables users to set connection type as either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. When accessing any QuickBooks function from SI with the connection type set as QuickBooks Online users will be prompted to first connect to QuickBooks Online and authorize the connection. Once authorized, users have the option to automatically connect to their QuickBooks Online company file for future sessions.

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Track Inventory in QuickBooks – System Integrator enables users to check the inventory of items in QuickBooks from the SI interface. Select a product or multiple products in a project and check QB inventory fields such as “On Hand”, “On PO”, and “On Sales Order”.

Track Order Status in QuickBooks – Check to see if items are received on a purchase order exported to QuickBooks from SI. The Item Order Status will report on ordered and received quantity.

Add Groups to QuickBooks Estimates – SI enables users to group products by Location, Phase, or System when creating a QuickBooks Estimate for better control and customer communication.

Transfer Project Notes to QuickBooks – Project and Service Order notes can be exported to QuickBooks as part of an Estimate.