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Purchase Orders


Purchase Orders

SI’s Purchase Order functionality, enables users to issue POs to their vendors directly from within SI. SI users can create Purchase Orders with products from their SI catalog and also directly from an SI project or multiple projects. Purchase orders can be published via D-Tools’ Vendor Portal, which facilitates communication between SI users and vendors. 


Purchase Order Status – Purchase Orders in SI can be assigned to the following status:

Draft – This status indicates, that a purchase order has been created and is yet to be sent to the vendor. This is default status when a purchase order is created or cloned.
Issued – This status indicates that a purchase order has been sent to the vendor. A purchase order status must be “Issued” to create a Receive or Publish to Vendor Portal.
Partially Received – This status indicates that portion of the list of items in the purchase order has been received by you/your organization from your vendor. When items are received this status is set if items are partially received.
Received – This indicates that all the items in your PO have been received by you/your organization from your vendor. When all items are received this status is set.
Canceled – This indicates that your purchase order has been canceled. Set manually by user.

Create PO, add items – Purchase orders can be created directly from within an SI project. Select a vendor, add items/quantities, and  send via Outlook or publish to the D-Tools Vendor Portal.



Vendor Portal – The Vendor Portal enables Vendors to accept POs from SI users. Vendors get notified when a PO is published to the portal. The vendor can sign in and view PO, accept/reject, and enter a vendor reference number.


Built-in notifications – When a Vendor accept/rejects or makes a comment on a PO, a notification is sent to the SI user.



Receive Items – Track receipt of items on a PO. If only some of the items are received then the status is updated to “Partially Received”. Once all items are received then the status is updated to “Received”.



Update project items from PO – Project Items can have the order fields updated from SI purchase orders. If an SI project has associated purchase orders with “Partially Received” or “Received” status, the ordered and received fields can be automatically or manually updated, along with additional information such as Order number, Ordered and Received Date, Vendor, and Unit Cost.