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D-Tools – ProjX360 Integration FAQs

What is ProjX360?

ProjX360 management software was developed for the Custom Integration Industry by a veteran integrator with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

ProjX360 allows you to manage all aspects of your projects from the sales process and creating proposals through project management of the project into completion and service. ProjX360 is an agile development company that is always listening to our customers and rolling out feature enhancements to the software based on customer requests so we can become one of the leading software solutions for the Custom Integration Industry.

Those interested in learning more about ProjX360 can schedule a personal one on one demo for you and your team by contacting us at sales@projx360.com or you can visit our learning center at https://projx360.com/help where we have detailed videos on every aspect of the software.

What are the benefits of ProjX360 Services?

ProjX360 Services help D-Tools customers realize higher productivity with the D-Tools platform by eliminating the need for duplicate entry between two platforms. ProjX360 also gives D-Tools users the capability to integrate with Xero accounting platform if that is what they use.

What makes ProjX360 different from other Project Management providers?

The main thing that separates ProjX360 from other project management platforms is we are designed specifically for the Custom Integration Industry. We are also designed and run by an industry veteran who has been in the industry for over 20 years and has his own integration company to this day and uses ProjX360 for his company.

How does ProjX360 pricing work?

ProjX360 services are available as a service for a monthly fee. For pricing please visit https://projx360.com/pricing or call ProjX360 at

For more information on ProjX360 Services please visit https://projx360.com/