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Project Management

Schedule install tasks to your team and generate reports to track the progress of the install and keep an accurate account of time and labor costs. SI project scheduling enables you to create and manage tasks for the project with install dates and deadlines. For each task, you can assign resources, add equipment and labor items, with estimated time and costs for each assigned task. These estimates can be compared to actuals after the task is complete then reported on for labor and project costing.

Installation and service are critical elements of any project. D-Tools System Integrator has complete project scheduling, resource management and powerful reporting capabilities to help ensure that you deliver the job on-time and to budget. SI makes it easy to assign tasks to your internal installation and programming teams, schedule those tasks, then communicate those tasks via email, task, or appointment via Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and our award-winning Mobile Install feature.

Project Management in System Integrator

System Integrator offers project management capabilities including project scheduling, resource management, and reporting capabilities to help ensure that you deliver the job on-time and to budget. SI’s Task and Service Order management abilities, the Calendar functionality, along with the Mobile Install feature, adds the power and reach of the cloud to the SI workflow.  Associate reports such as Task Detail, Task Packing and Ship Lists to install tasks and Service Orders. SI makes it easy to track your tasks and check the availability of resources to eliminate over-scheduling.  D-Tools’ Calendar features have been re-designed and add full read/write functionality. D-Tools’ company and project calendars give users the option to create Tasks and Service Orders for any user or resource. Tasks and Service Orders can be moved around the calendar via drag and drop, making it easy to move items around as schedules change.  In addition to Outlook, Tasks and Service Orders can be sent directly to Google and Hotmail calendar users. Start and end dates, address, task description, notes, and links to SI’s Mobile Install information will be sent as part of the Calendar event. Field techs using Mobile Install can update task information and send back to SI for accurate time tracking and record keeping.

Mobile Install

System Integrator’s award-winning Mobile Install (MI) functionality gives users the power to publish install Tasks and Service Orders to a web portal hosted on the D-Tools cloud that can be accessed by technicians and installers in the field from any device. Installers and Technicians can track install time and completion status, take notes and photos of the install, and sync this information back to SI for accurate time and install tracking. Project specific install tasks and Service Orders can be published to MI from the SI interface. Select resources, install or repair items, estimated start and end hours/dates and publish to the MI Web Portal. Track and account for additional work in the field and empower your techs to add additional products or services and get customer approval on the spot. Approved added items or services can be added to an existing SI project. Task status and other information changes can be synched back to SI. Items such as percent complete, actual resource time, serial number, and notes are incrementally tracked and updated with each sync.