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At D-Tools, inventory management is the single most requested feature from our customers. While D-Tools has been hesitant to add inventory management to its platforms because it infringes upon financial accounting, which is a line we deliberately choose not to cross, we recently announced our partnership with Tracknicity to finally bridge that inventory management gap between our software and QuickBooks.

Tracknicity’s mobile inventory tracking app helps companies ensure that inventory – both stock or project-specific parts – are efficiently, seamlessly and accurately tracked from the proposal through being purchased, received, staged, picked, delivered, installed, and even serviced using a sophisticated, yet easy to use mobile application.

To that end, we are pleased to announce that Tracknicity has added new features that maximize benefits for D-Tools software users:

  • Seamlessly receive equipment into the warehouse
  • Manage serial numbers, MAC addresses and IP addresses for equipment that is installed at customer locations
  • Audit and track all equipment checked out
  • Receive inventory reporting and valuation
  • Improved search capabilities

To demonstrate these new capabilities, please attend our, “Inventory Management – What’s New with Tracknicity and D-Tools” webinar Wednesday, February 19, at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Register here to attend: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8389743615647939597

What is Tracknicity?

Tracknicity (www.Tracknicity.com) is a new mobile inventory management software, designed by A/V professionals with deep process and software experience.  Born out of the frustration for a truly integrated, mobile inventory management solution, Tracknicity solves the inventory challenge facing technology companies across the globe. 

Tracknicity is a complete inventory management application that integrates directly with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.  It allows companies to manage their inventory from iOS and Android Devices, track what parts went to which job and bill faster for service equipment, and parts changes.  It also allows users to seamlessly receive equipment into the warehouse, check out parts to a job and manage serial numbers that are installed at customer locations.  It puts the power of QuickBooks and D-Tools into the hands of your mobile workers.

Through QuickBooks, D-Tools software users can push Purchase Orders and Equipment Lists and provide that information to their mobile workforce.  With the recent addition of serial number and MAC address tracking, Tracknicity users now have a permanent record of what product is installed in each location.  By leveraging QuickBooks Connect, your D-Tools catalog is always available in Tracknicity which means no separate database to track and manage.

How Does Tracknicity Work?

Tracknicity is an ideal solution for clients using D-Tools software and QuickBooks.  By integrating Tracknicity into the software suite, users have full visibility into projects, inventory, and financial accounting as follows:

Companies that standardize on D-Tools, QuickBooks and Tracknicity will have a full view of their projects, inventory, and accounting, allowing you to maximize profits and increase the efficiency of your mobile workforce.

Here’s what one recent Tracknicity customer had to say about Tracknicity:

“Compared to previous inventory systems we’ve had, the biggest things we like about Tracknicity are the simplicity, the flexibility, and the support.  And there’s really something to be said about an inventory system that’s built from the ground up for integrators and small companies in the construction industry.  We’ve struggled with the rigidity of other inventory systems where you’re forced to fit inside their pre-determined box.  Time savings using Tracknicity has been huge as well.  No printers, scanners, etc It’s all done on the app.  No creating labels.  Nothing.  On the support side, the Tracknicity team has been VERY responsive to our questions, customization requests, and fixes. Usually, same-day responses, if not faster, which has made our implementation much easier, and has given us a lot of confidence in it.”

Tracknicity is currently offering a free 30 day trial for D-Tools software users.  You can sign up for the trial by going to https://tracknicity.com/#pricing and selecting the tier that works best for your business.

Learn about the updated benefits of using Tracknicity and D-Tools together in the “Inventory Management – What’s New with Tracknicity and D-Tools” webinar Wednesday, February 19 at 10:00 a.m. PST.

Register here to attend: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/8389743615647939597