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At D-Tools, we know that you, our customers, want to focus on growing your business and not use your resources trying to keep up with constantly changing sales tax rules and rates. To help with this, we’ve partnered with Avalara, a leader in cloud-based automation for Sales & Use Tax Compliance, to enable fast, accurate, and easy to use tax calculation within our System Integrator solution.

Read more in the guest contributed article below from our partners at Avalara. 

Over the last two years, sales tax laws have changed significantly, and most states now require you to register, collect, and remit sales tax if your sales into that state exceed certain economic nexus thresholds. If you make sales into states where you don’t collect sales tax, you could be at risk of being out of compliance.

Our tax expert partner Avalara has developed a free sales tax risk assessment tool that tells you where your business may have triggered economic nexus. The assessment will ask you three questions:

  1. Where do you currently collect and remit sales tax?
  2. Where do you make sales but not collect sales tax?
  3. Roughly how much do you sell in states where you don’t collect?

By answering these three questions, you’ll get a customized PDF featuring a list of states where you likely have economic nexus, along with details about each state’s economic nexus threshold. Further, you can also take advantage of a free consultation to help you understand your company’s potential economic nexus risk in each state and cost-effective steps you can take to improve compliance.

Complete your assessment today.

Upcoming Webinar with Avalara and D-Tools: 2020 Sales Tax Update for System Integrators

If you’d like to learn more about how changing sales tax laws could be impacting your business and how automating the compliance process can streamline your operations, reduce risk and improve customer experience, join us for a webinar covering:

  • An overview of the changing state and local sales tax landscape and what it means for System Integrators of all types and sizes
  • How your business may qualify for free services for determination & filing
  • How the integration between Avalara and D-Tools streamlines sales & use tax calculation, returns, and certificate management

Date: Wednesday, June 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Duration: 45 minutes

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Enhancing the Value of D-Tools System Integrator with Avalara:

Key features of Avalara AvaTax that will both enhance the usability of D-Tools System Integratpr software for your business and improve the experience of your customers include:

Address Validation – The AvaTax calculation engine encompasses the most accurate and up-to-date address data available. Input addresses are automatically checked and corrected for spelling errors and inaccurate street names. Five-digit zip codes are appended to nine-digit accuracy.

Sourcing Rules – Using advanced geocoding technology, transaction addresses are pinpoint positioned within all applicable jurisdiction boundaries. Geo-positioning provides the basis for precise identification of tax jurisdictions and roll-up to a total tax rate.

Jurisdiction Assignment – The AvaTax service includes researched and validated system tax codes which provide highly accurate product taxability assessments and ensures the correct rates are calculated for all products and services.

Product Taxability – AvaTax is programmed with the latest information for handling destination based, origin based and hybrid sourcing rules, ensuring the most accurate possible assignment of tax rates for individual transactions.

Reporting – AvaTax generates summary and detailed reports on demand, easily and accurately. Export your data for filing, or for complete end-to-end automation, and use Avalara Returns for fully outsourced sales tax compliance management.

Returns – Avalara Returns automatically provides e-file, hard-copy and Streamlined Sales Tax returns for businesses of all sizes.

Learn more at avalara.com.