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MVP Dealer Referral Program

MVP Dealer Referral Program

The D-Tools MVP Dealer Referral Program is a 
co-marketing effort between D-Tools and select MVP partners. The goal is to encourage more dealers to use System Integrator (SI) in their daily work


MVP Partners who refer dealers to D-Tools through this program receive a discount when renewing their partnership. Sign up just 3 of your dealers each year and renewals are free.

Additionally, the more dealers you have using SI, the more effectively you’ll be able to support and communicate with them. Get statistics and contact information for your SI dealers, send them in-software messages for targeted marketing, and download reports and trend analysis to gauge your product pipeline, refine your approach, and improve your bottom-line.


Dealers who purchase SI via the MVP Dealer Referral Program receive a special discount on software. They also get all of the benefits of SI – access to your product data, improved efficiency, and improved ability to win bids and thus sell more of your products.


Only new or inactive leads count toward the MVP renewal discount. If we’ve already been working with a dealer during the last 9 months, that’s considered an active lead and won’t be counted. Dealers will still get the discount to encourage them to buy now.


This program is just getting kicked off, so please contact us at mvp@d-tools.com if you have any questions or suggestions. We’re convinced that this is a great way to strengthen our partnership and leverage the value of SI to build a strong dealer community.


When you sign up for the program, you will receive a URL. This will point to a customized webpage where your dealers can learn more about SI, and sign up for the discount.

Your job is to drive traffic to this URL from your dealer base, whether by adding our logo to your website, promoting it in your newsletter, or simply emailing it to dealers you are talking to. We’ll provide you with materials to help with this, such as graphics, talking points, and copy.

Once a dealer registers for the discount, they will be contacted by the D-Tools sales team, who will then close the sale.


Contact Info:
To get started as a D-Tools MVP partner,
or for additional information, contact us at:
mvp@d-tools.com or call 1-925-270-4105.