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D-Tools i3 Partners realize the importance of bringing you their product information and have chosen to support the D-Tools user community by joining the program and making their product data directly available through D-Tools software. Read on for the latest supplier company news and product updates.

Just Released!: AtlasIED’s Atmosphere™ Platform sets a new standard for digital audio systems.

Touchless control, automation, and artificial intelligence offer AV integrators and end-users an intuitive, effortless way to deliver audio to restaurants, bars, hotels, school campuses, houses of worship, and other commercial environments.

The new Atmosphere system is modular, scalable, and customizable, giving integrators a solution for a wide variety of applications—from the smallest cocktail lounge to the largest luxury hotel. But what really sets the new platform apart from other digital audio systems is the innovative technology built into its digital signal processors, graphical user interfaces, programming software, and controls, as well as its breadth of interoperable products. The Atmosphere platform doesn’t require days long training to program and deploy, and offers users a simple, modern system interface that takes minutes to learn to control.

Learn more: www.atlasied.com/atmosphere


IBM Watson Center Gets Ultra-High Resolution Radiance LED Video Wall Upgrade

One of the largest research organizations in the world, IBM has pioneered breakthroughs across many promising technologies. Spearheading these innovations is the Thomas J. Watson Research Center: the headquarters of IBM’s Research Division. Researchers at the center often need to present findings in executive and client engagement meetings which take place in their impressive 240 seat auditorium, envisioned by neo-futuristic designer, Eero Saarinen. So, when the technology juggernaut wanted to update their main auditorium display in the Thomas J. Watson Research Center, they selected a massive Digital Projection Radiance LED Video Wall.


World-Class Industrial Design with Dynamic LED Visuals

Collaborating with HB Communications, a new state-of-the-art presentation and production system was developed to compliment the fine-pitch LED video wall. Tim Hutton, Senior Account Executive at HB Communications describes the process as very in-depth:

“One of the main challenges for this application was meeting the client’s technology requirements while preserving the architectural integrity of the auditorium. The front wall consisted of wood paneling which IBM wanted to retain so an ingenious solution was needed. Multiple high-resolution pictures of the wall were taken and combined into a single background image which perfectly emulated the wood paneling when displayed on the Radiance LED Video Wall.

The result was a dynamic and immersive LED display, measuring 34 feet wide by 16 feet tall, installed to match an architecturally significant curved wall.

“The Radiance LED Wall Brought Our Vision to Life…”

When the installation was finished, IBM’s guests and staff were “stunned”, according to Lorraine Herger, Former Director of Research Integrated Solutions at IBM. “The Radiance LED wall brought our vision to life with image quality exceeding our highest expectations. We were extremely impressed and grateful with the level of dedication and meticulousness that the DPI installation team showed in order to provide us with this wonderful experience.”

Screening Room Sequel Rancho Santa Fe, CA. 

This sophisticated and sexy screening room makes a splash with pops of red and gorgeous hand-carved wall panels. Principal Designer @ J.W. McCarter & Associates, Joseph W. McCarter, experienced the unexpected pleasure of creating this wonderful space not once, but twice, when several years after completion it was partially destroyed in a flood. 

The subtle Asian inspired design of this lovely screening room incorporates hand carved teak wall screens imported from Bali, paired with back-lit silver mica diffusers that create a soft, warm glow to set the perfect scene for viewing a favorite film.

Alternating, decorative wall panels upholstered with beautiful cherry blossom motif fabric provide visual interest and acoustic dampening.


The screening room walls are upholstered in luxurious velvet to further enhance sound quality and create a truly exceptional viewing/listening experience. 

Uber comfortable, black leather “Lexington” incliners by Fortress Seating provide the ultimate in custom home theater seating. This screening room offers a custom seating configuration that combines loveseats with individual recliners to make it easy to get comfortable in your own leather recliner, or to sit with your special someone in a cozy love seat.  Full house up front? No worries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

This screening room offers additional bar-height seating in back with convenient access to the custom snack bar. Dim the lights please!!


J.W. McCarter & Associates                      Encinitas, CA. 

J.W. McCarter & Associates is a luxury interior design firm that approaches interior design projects with an uncommonly wide lens that extends beyond the structure. In our design process, we include the terrain, light, and scale of the space to thoughtfully curate designs that are beautiful from any angle.

At J.W. McCarter & Associates, we approach each client’s home as a whole, taking into consideration the architectural structure of the space, outside views of the surrounding landscape, lines of sight within the space, and most importantly, the way the client will use the space.

By thinking of a home comprehensively, we create cohesive spaces that connect unique design elements from the exterior to the interior and from room to room. 

To view projects similar to this and more, feel free to visit https://josephmccarterdesign.com 

Tied Down By Lengthy Wire Run’s?
We have you covered.

IC Realtime has released a new line of E-PoE gigabit network switches. These new devices raise the bar and fuel the need to exceed the 328 foot standard without a hitch!

Along with e-PoE, they also include the latest PoC (power over coax) technology. You can run power & data concurrently over coaxial cable (with IVB-EOC102 baluns). When distance in excess of what E-PoE can support (2624ft) is a factor, power over cable is an alternative to push distance boundaries even further. All IC Realtime E-PoE switches are built to support harsh environmental factors and wide temperature fluctuations.

Push Boundaries Further with PoC.
Ever find yourself in a situation where replacing coax cable isn’t an option? Can you imagine a stunning Beverly Hills home but cringing at the thought of cutting through walls to replace existing coax? Or, how about Self Storage facilities that benefit from the longevity of RG59 and frequently request it due to lengthy wire runs, and its resistance to elements and metal designs?

Achieve up to 3280 feet of distance per camera using IC Realtime’s PoC baluns (IVB-EOC102). Power over Coax (PoC) technology allows you to transmit data using an IP protocol over coaxial media. Define possibilities on your terms with IC Realtime.




Integra & Elite + Works with SONOS
Installation, configuration, and use of a whole-home distributed audio solution from Sonos is not only straightforward and time-efficient for \the custom integrator, but operation by the end-user is also easy, minimizing service calls down the road. Integra and Elite have taken the lead in building an industry-unique relationship with Sonos.

The Works with Sonos badge on select Integra and Elite AVRs certifies that they will seamlessly connect with the Sonos Home Sound System.

Elite or Integra AVRs can easily blend into an existing Sonos network, or Sonos can be added to the same network as an existing Integra or Elite home theater system. Up to three Connects or Ports can be configured to work independently with the Main, 2nd and 3rd Zones of Integra and Elite AVRs, with Volume Pass Through, which allows the Sonos app to control the AVRs’ volume, instead of using the variable output of the Sonos devices. Now, whenever a customer wishes to enjoy music from the Sonos streaming services in one, or two or three different rooms, the Elite and Integra AVRs will power on if in the Standby mode, switch to the correct input, start playing music, and allow full volume control—all via the easy-to-use Sonos app!

Works with SONOS YouTube video links:

Integra https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Vd9PH2_K6E

Elite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONdpGnLBh4g


Josh.ai Joins First Buying Group with Azione Unlimited

Josh.ai continues expanding the power, and now availability, of artificial intelligence in the home through a partnership with Azione Unlimited, an industry leading educator and buying group. Azione’s membership of custom installers, home technology professionals, and manufacturers will now gain access to Josh.ai’s proprietary voice control products and privacy-focused approach to home automation.

In evaluating the decision to join a buying group, Josh.ai is starting with Azione for its people, programs, and promotional opportunities. The organization is a natural fit with so many high caliber Josh.ai integration partners and dealers already on its roster. Through this partnership with Josh.ai, Azione expands its high-end residential solutions and innovative offerings for members to present to their potential clients.

“We’ve long admired Azione since the early days of Josh.ai, often speaking at their summits about voice control, AI, and the future of our industry,” said Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Josh.ai. “Now that we have surpassed 500 certified dealers, the timing feels right to start engaging with buying groups. We have the utmost respect for the dealers, manufacturers, and programs at Azione, and feel fortunate to be joining their ranks.”

“When it comes to futuristic thinking and conceiving products for tomorrow, Josh.ai is the consummate brand,” said Azione Unlimited President Richard Glikes. “Azione Unlimited prides itself in bringing exclusive categories such as Josh.ai to our captive network of industry-leading dealers across North America. Partnering with Josh.ai is an extremely exciting opportunity for our organization, our members, and this industry as we learn from each other and grow.”


Enhanced Klipsch Architectural Speakers Install Securely in Seconds

Klipsch recently enhanced its already easy- and quick-to-install architectural speakers to further address the challenges of uneven surfaces.

The Klipsch Professional Series Minimal Footprint, Designer and Custom lines of architectural speakers were originally introduced 2017 with exclusive SkyHook by Swarm™ technology, a fully automatic, self-adjusting installation system designed to simplify and reduce installations by up to 75% for integrators.

New, proprietary SkyHook Cinch® technology has been added to this already revolutionary installation mechanism to ensure a flush fit in retrofit projects with uneven ceilings and walls. Once the speaker is installed, a quick quarter turn of the SkyHook Cinch’s magnetic teeth engage and cinch the speaker baffle to the mounting surface, creating an easier and faster installation than other architectural speakers.

To learn more, visit Klipsch.com/custom.

Introducing Leon’s New Tonecase FIT Universal

Leon’s patent-pending Tonecase FIT Universal is a streamlined mounting system that attaches any Sonos soundbar directly to the TV, concealing it behind a custom-width grille for a design-friendly look. Developed with versatility in mind, the Tonecase FIT Universal comes in 3 models that offer adjustable depth to accommodate any Sonos soundbar, including the Beam, Playbar, and Arc. TcFIT-U mounts directly to any TV up to 98” diagonal using one of Leon’s undermount brackets, and the entire unit is covered with a custom-width fabric grille that comes standard in black with the option to upgrade to a collection of designer grille fabrics. In addition to Sonos soundbars, the TcFIT-U can also house a variety of soundbars from other manufacturers as well.



Retractable Universal Mount 4K HDMI® Adapter Ring

SKU: 29879

Description: Mount this retractor with color coded HDMI adapters to any flat surface, like a lectern or table, to provide connectivity options to the HDMI display in a collaborative space.

Product page

Retractable Table Box Mount 4K HDMI® Adapter Ring

SKU: 29880 

Description: Mount this retractor with color coded HDMI adapters in a Wiremold® AVIP®, Extron® MAAP®, or FSR® IPS® table box to provide connectivity options to the HDMI display in a collaborative space. 

Product page


Conference Room Video Hub

SKU: 29974

Description: Connect up to four devices, two HDMI and two USB-C, to a conference room display for screen sharing at up to a 4K video resolution

Product page




Large Capacity Height Adjustable Flat Panel Cart – LPE1U

Ideal for interactive applications, mounts with electric height adjust capability create better accessibility to technology in the boardroom and the classroom. The height adjustable solution provides 26” (660 mm) of vertical lift.

Easy to install. Easy to adjust.


 Product page




Fusion™ Side Camera Shelf – FCA850

The FCA850 allows designers to place conferencing cameras to either side of the display for optimal viewing.


Product page

Fusion™ Extra-Large Pull Out Accessory – FCAXV1U

The Fusion™ Extra-Large Pull Out accessory can be used with Fusion™ Extra-Large Micro-Adjustable Fixed and Tilt wall mounts, to add up to 11.54″ (293 mm) extension from the wall.  

Compatible display mount models are XSM1U and XTM1U.  

Optionally install Chief storage solutions such as the PAC526 in-wall box or on-wall CSPR component storage panel to secure AV equipment behind the display. 

Product page


Screen Surface Selection Calculator

Perhaps you’re new to the industry…Or you specify screen surfaces irregularly…Maybe you’re just new to the ALR conversation…You simply want to double-check your AV math…One NEW tool from Da-Lite answers all these user needs to get a projection system right – from your trusted source. With only a few critical inputs – room size, screen dimensions and projector details, see how these values impact screen surface selection in a specific environment and ultimately, the end users viewing experience when considering the Da-Lite screen surface technology catalog.

Product page



Tensioned Advantage (w/Closure Door)

The Tensioned Advantage® ceiling recessed electric screen series is designed with ceiling trim in place, to conceal the rough opening eliminating the need to complete additional trim work once the screen is installed.

Its two-stage installation option affords the screen case to be installed during the rough-in construction stage, and the screen surface assembly during the finishing stage.

Sliding installation brackets allow mounting flexibility for easy attachment of the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling.

Optional closure door provides a polished look in any room.


Product page


Parallax with Parallax Pure 0.8

The Parallax Fixed Frame features Pro-Trim(R) finish to absorb light surrounding the viewing area. When paired with Parallax Pure 0.8 – a True Optical ALR surface for standard throw projectors, this surface rejects up to 96% of ambient light, providing flat panel quality images up to 120” diagonal but without the glare and reflection of flat panels.


Product page




Middle Atlantic:

LundHalsey VISIONLINE 24/7 Command & Control Console

Designed for 24/7/365 Command and Control Environments


Pre-configured and ready for ‘quick-ship’ the LundHalsey 24/7 control room console is supported by a robust frame providing perfect cable management, integrations for active equipment and class leading industrial design.

-Offered in 3 widths in Fixed Height or Electric Height Adjustable.

-Customization is also available for your unique designs and applications through our dedicated Design Center Team.

Product Page



AV Bridge 2×1 – 999-8250-000

Vaddio’s simplest lecture capture device yet! We call our AV Bridge 2×1 the classroom-in-a-box solution because it enables simple distribution, production, and capture of high quality networked Dante audio, analog audio, and two HD video sources.


Product page

Device Controller – 999-42300-000

The Vaddio Device Controller is a color touch panel designed to easily access web-based user interfaces of dozens of Vaddio connected devices like PTZ cameras, EasyIP peripherals, AV bridges and more.


Product page



Featured Resimercial solutions for light commercial applications.



Chief Fusion Mounts

Chief’s Fusion tilt wall mounts were developed based on feedback from installers in the field. Favorite Fusion features include Centerless shift, Centris tilt, ControlZone leveling adjustment and ClickConnect latching. Benefits include increased stability, fast installation, easy cable management and security. The installer-inspired Fusion tilt mount solves top flat panel installation problems, offering flexible adjustments for large displays with a low-profile display mounting solution.

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Da-Lite Wireline Advantage

Designed for large venues, the Wireline Advantage screen uses thin steel cables up to 29 feet instead of black drop to lower the screen to an appropriate viewing height for a clean, aesthetically pleasing presentation. The Wireline Advantage screen features simple in-ceiling installation with sliding brackets and ceiling trim built into the housing. The extra step of concealing the rough opening with ceiling trim is eliminated. Sliding installation brackets make it easy to attach the screen housing to the structure above the drop ceiling. Advantage tensioned screens ensure the smoothest surface possible for high quality image projection.


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Luxul ProWatch Coming Soon!

Today’s home networks host a myriad of connected devices, and homeowners’ expectations for them all to work seamlessly have never been higher. Luxul’s new ProWatch cloud management solution allows you to meet these expectations by remotely monitoring and managing every device on your clients’ networks, getting real-time notifications of status and quickly resolving issues. With cloud management, you can access your customers’ Luxul networks and connected devices at any time — from anywhere — in map or list views via an intuitive web interface. Site-level indicators provide the online/offline status of connected devices and the availability of firmware updates, while customizable alerts notify you of issues via text or email. Using cloud management, you can configure devices remotely, perform firmware updates on select Luxul routers and wireless access points (AP), and remotely power-cycle PDUs and PoE switches that fall offline. By allowing you to handle these simple system management tasks without rolling out a truck for a service call, the solution lowers operation costs while delivering a better experience for customers. The result is next-level customer service and an improved bottom line.


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Middle Atlantic Products BGR Series

Middle Atlantic’s BGR Series floor-standing enclosure is designed specifically to solve AV integration and servicing challenges. Its patented breakthrough design provides incredible strength without extra weight. The result is a lighter, UL-certified solution that can be loaded with up to 3,000lbs of equipment. Making every rack unit count, it also uniquely features a slimmer top and bottom. This provides an extra rack unit of useable space for more components but in the same standard rack height. In addition, the BGR Series incorporates Middle Atlantic’s patented Lever Lock™ system.

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Nuvo Architectural Speakers

With solutions for every space, project, and price point, Nuvo Series Two, Four, and Six Speakers are manufactured with quality components and materials for unprecedented performance in any space. Offering impeccable sound quality that satisfies even the most discriminating audiophile, a comprehensive selection of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers install easily and seamlessly blend into any room.


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On-Q Enhanced Plastic Enclosures

Now made in the USA, the plastic enclosures feature a new reversible hinged door with toolless installation, a free integrated trim ring, added structural rigidity, and other design enhancements that help you save valuable time and money while providing a clean, centralized location for a home’s wired and wireless services. Made from UL-rated ABS plastic, you can secure wireless devices such as wireless routers or access points in the cabinet without degrading network performance.


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Legrand Shading and Residential Controls

QMotion Qadvanced Shades

Motion Qadvanced Shades are available in sizes as large as 13 feet wide by 15 feet high — the largest shades on the market, fabric dependent. Offering a clean, sleek aesthetic in a variety of colors and styles, they feature virtually soundless operation in hard-wired or battery-operated versions and a patented design using torsion springs to reduce energy consumption. Simple to install, the hard-wired shades use standard Cat cables for both power and communication and include a ZigBee HA 1.2 radio inside the motor, eliminating the need for extra shade motor bridge devices. Battery-operated versions feature internal batteries; without external battery packs or wires to hide, installation is quick and simple. QMotion’s automated roller shades can be controlled via remote, mobile device, or the company’s exclusive manual override feature.

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Vantage Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) System

Vantage’s HCL system features load control, user interfaces, and Design Center programming software that come together to provide precise dimming for tunable light fixtures utilizing the Lumenetix® araya5 light engine. Control is provided by the DMX-DALI-GATEWAY and InFusion Controller II, which is programmed to match the daily sunrise/sunset seasonal shift throughout the year that best supports people’s natural circadian rhythm based on the location of each installation. For a complete human-centric experience, the controller seamlessly integrates with QMotion advanced automated shading solutions.

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We recently caught up with Barry Schurr, Chief Operating Officer of Harrison, New York-based Osbee Industries to talk about the new 8K and Gallery Series TV products and how to show them off to your design-build colleagues.

LG: Barry, what’s your impression of the 2020 LG TV line-up?

Barry: As a new Pinnacle Program dealer, we’re really excited about this year’s products. Across the board the 2020 LG TVs are smarter and sleeker, with advanced processing, exciting new features and, of course, stunning new designs. One of the big upgrades is the new Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor which offers improved AI-driven upscaling and video processing. There is now better interaction with the built-in Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and the proprietary WebOS continues to get smarter and improve.

We can now program customizable alerts so you can follow your favorite sports teams to let you know about upcoming games or content aware tools that can tell you what the actor is wearing on screen – these are exciting features that we can easily demonstrate and puts LG at the frontier of how people want to interact with their TV. They want their TV to work for them, not the other way around.

We obviously are explaining to our customers and designers that 8K is the preferred format for all of the obvious reasons: great picture, the ability to upscale your existing library, being future-ready as the world moves into 8K content. Our clientele isn’t really interested in second-best, so we always lead with 8K. And now that the NanoCell 8K TVs have a wider range of sizes, we now have a better/best approach as we look at the different spaces in any given residence.

Both the signature ZX 8K OLED and the NanoCell models feature Dolby Vision IQ which adapts HDR performance to the ambient light of a room and the far-field microphones in the bezel listen for voice commands instead of having to speak into the remote.

The other thing that I would talk about as it relates to the design-build community is the LG OLED GX Gallery Series. The GX line of 4K Smart TVs offer the super-slim, wall-hugging design of the LG OLED Wallpaper TV but without the necessity for the soundbar. All of the TV’s components are within the display but it still hangs flush to the wall and extends out only 20 mm, with no gap and no visible mount. The GX still has all of the ports, components and speakers built into its super-slim chassis.

TEAMUP+ Series from DigitaLinx & Liberty AV Solutions

Introducing the 4K60 18g 4×1 Multi-format Presentation Switcher Extender becomes Versatile 5×1 when using optional HDBT RX.

Digitalinx 4×1 Multi-Format Matrix Presentation Switcher (DL-SC41U-TX)

Connect with TeamUp+ Series by DigitaLinx.  Introducing the 4×1 4k/60 Multi-format Matrix & Presentation Switcher (DL-SC41U-TX). This unit includes 4 Video inputs, 2 HDMI, 1 Display Port, & 1 USB-C. Great as a standalone Switcher or integrate a Display, PC, Control & USB 3.0 Mic/Camera to this unit with optional (DL-SCU-RX), HDBaseT Receiver and it becomes a 5×1 Presentation/Switcher.

Ideal for software-based video teleconference rooms, BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) with no need for a dedicated Conference system… the computer is the dedicated conference system. The 4×1 TeamUp+ Series Multi-Format Presentation Switcher/Extender with HDBaseT & USB (DL-SC41U-TX) can also be controlled via front panel buttons or by API commands using RS232 or Ethernet. This unit offers Web server / GUI that is built in and features A/V and USB Switching control, automatic display control and input EDID management.

DigitaLinx HDBaseT Receiver (DL-SCU-RX)

With built-in system automation, these devices automatically ­power up TV or Projector via RS232, up/ down relays for Projector screens with use of the DigitaLinx HDBaseT Receiver (DL-SCU-RX) with no need for separate system control. So, when you’re ready for a simple solution to the Conference room you’ve been thinking about and want to be able to also control shades, the projector, or other devices, look no further because just like two peas in a pod, you now have the DL-SC41U-TX and DL-SC41-RX at your disposal.

Liberty AV can optimize the installation of these devices with premium, certified, Liberty AV Optical, HDMI and Category cables and our sister company, WESCO Broadcast and AV can provide all of the quality, distributed brands needed to complete your install, including speakers, cameras, and more.  Ask about our eKitting all of these great components in one, convenient kit for time and cost-savings at the time of deployment.

Every-AV-Thing Connecting Source to Display

Learn more at https://secure.libertycable.com/product_details.php?pitem=DL-SC41U-TX or Reach out to Liberty AV’s knowledgeable customer service team at 800-530-8998 or via orders@libav.com for ‘Every-AV-Thing Connecting Source to Display’ 

Monitor Audio IA40-3 Installation Amplifier

The IA40-3 Amplifier is the latest addition to Monitor Audio’s award-winning range of Custom Install audio solutions. The discreet amplifier is a highly versatile unit featuring digital, analogue and bluetooth inputs with Dolby Audio (Dolby Digital) for maximum flexibility. Designed for easy installation, the amplifier’s customizable brackets allow it to be positioned in multiple locations: on a wall, cabinet, stand or the back of a television.

With 40W of power over three channels, or 60W over two channels, the IA40-3 will drive speakers or passive soundbars to deliver a lively and precise sound.

Ideal for smaller environments, the IA40-3 works beautifully when paired with Monitor Audio bookshelf or stand-mount speakers in a bedroom, study or sitting room. And, in a kitchen, bedroom or loft room, the IA40-3 will perfectly power in-ceiling speakers. But, best of all, if there is a television in the setup, the IA40-3 can be mounted on the back of the screen using the supplied Velcro strips or bespoke bracket to drive one of our passive soundbars.

Designed for modern living, the IA40-3 is Monitor Audio’s versatile solution when superior sound is required in custom install projects.

NEC Display Solutions

Promo Highlight going now through 9/30/2020 – Instant Rebates

Special shout out to the NEC V series large format displays. Featuring the V754Q, V864Q, and V984Q. These 4k displays are perfect for a corporate setting. If you are looking for a large display to wow the space and/or put your messaging across, these will fit the bill perfectly. In fact, you will be able to get some dollars back off that bill for each unit purchase with the instant rebate offer. Some highlights to consider with these displays include: True 10-bit, even bezel, expandable to OPS and Raspberry Pi computing, easy of use with mechanical design, multi picture mode, local dimming, multiple temperature sensors with integrated cooling fans, metal chassis, and SpectraView Engine. Added bonus promo on these displays: Free 5 year warranty


Instant Rebate


 $                800


 $             1,000


 $                900


Please contact your distributer or NEC representative for more specific pricing.


Warranty: https://www.necdisplay.com/communications/0320_nec_free_5year_upgrade_promo.html

Platinum Tools® Bendable RJ45 Flex Connector

Platinum Tools(R) popular bendable RJ45 connector is available in shielded and non-shielded versions (p/ns 106220; 106230). Flex Connector is the first bendable RJ45 connector and makes network cable terminations easier than ever. The unique patented design ensures top tier performance for Cat5e/6/6A cabling up to 9.0mm with 24-22 AWG conductors, providing a low cost, easy termination solution with high performance and superior connectivity options. No need for crimp tools. Set it up, close it and go.

Connect and install devices nearly flush with the wall. No need for wall plates or jumpers. Cables can drop at 90 degree down or 45 degree up. The Flex Connector is rated for electronic safety and security applications: PoE+ rated, 1GHz, and 10-Gigabit certified for high data traffic. Flex Connector accommodates multiple category sizes (Cat5e/6/6A) up to 9.0mm with 24-22 AWG Conductors. Factory pre-set contacts improve reliability. Meets cable standards: ISO 11801 Edition 2, EIA/TIA 568-C.2, TIA1096-A, BICSI/ANSI D005 & ANSI/TIA-862-A.

For additional pricing and more information on Platinum Tools and its complete product line, please visit www.platinumtools.com, call (800) 749-5783, or email info@platinumtools.com.

Powersoft Releases Q-SYS and Crestron Plug-ins for Mezzo Series and Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali Series Amplifiers

Powersoft has released new plug-ins supporting Mezzo Series and its non-DSP install dedicated amplifier platforms ranges for the Q-SYS and Crestron control ecosystems. These free-to-download plug-ins allow for user friendly network-based control of amplifier functionality via third-party systems. They feature a refined, modern-looking interface, extended functionality, and a high level of user customisability, compared to legacy plug-ins for the format. In addition, a new Q-SYS plug-in supporting DSP+D versions of Duecanali, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali amplifier platforms.

Q-SYS and Crestron for Mezzo

The latest plug-ins extend third-party network-based interoperability to Powersoft’s new ultra-compact Mezzo half-rack installation amplifiers. For Mezzo, the new plug-ins allow Q-SYS and Crestron controllers to access numerous key functions, including power and standby, LED blink / identify, amplifier nickname, backup strategy mode, source selection priority, gain and mute control, polarity control, and user delay. Read-only functionality allows the control unit to additionally poll and display serial number, mains voltage, headroom meters, and a wide range of alarm notifications.

Custom Control

Powersoft’s new Q-SYS plug-ins allow users to conveniently drag-and-drop control elements from the plug-in to quickly create custom UIs without interrupting functionality or removing the control from the original plug-in UI. This allows users to situate and re-skin individual controls to create workflows optimised for their needs while maintaining underlying functionality and easily reverting to the original plug-in layout. Supported Powersoft amplifiers can communicate with any Crestron 3-Series Processor via the new plugins. Integrators can choose Crestron Touch-panel, iOS, Android, PC, or Tablet formats to create custom graphics suited to anticipated use cases.

RTI Distributed Audio Solutions

July was RTI’s audio distribution month. Check out these RTI solutions for music everywhere entertainment with simple touch control via our remotes or wall-mounted touchpanels.


AD-16x Audio Matrix Switch

Ideal for large, multi-zone audio installations, the AD-16x provides routing for 16 audio sources across 16 zones, while RTI Cool Power® amplifiers (CP-450/CP-1650) drive crystal-clear audio to every speaker. For added convenience, the AD-16x also features eight remote source inputs, which allow devices located in other rooms to be used as global sources. When the system grows past 16 zones, up to four AD-16x units can be cascaded for up to 64 output zones. The switch also delivers complete audio management, including parametric equalizing, zone grouping, and balance control — all configurable via a convenient web interface. Setting the AD-16x apart is the engineering that enables this matrix to become an extension of the RTI ecosystem. At the heart of this powerful integration is the AD64 two-way driver running on an RTI XP processor, which delivers unmatched flexibility and programming efficiency. The driver features custom project labeling, allowing you to name all zones and sources and eliminating tedious programming by ID number. Pushing the user experience to new levels, the driver also allows dynamic audio source management, which tracks active sources. This allows a user to determine if a source is already in use and select a different one to avoid an inadvertent music change.


CP-16i 16-Channel Cool Power® Amplifier

The CP-16i Cool Power® audio amplifier offers 16 channels and audiophile-grade quality with protection and convenience features to extend the reach of any audio distribution system. Featuring Cool Power technology for superb sonic performance, the CP-16i delivers 100 Watts of true audiophile-grade sound per channel, with bridgeable audio outputs allowing power to be increased to 200W per channel. The unit also includes thermal overload and overcurrent monitoring, while Class-D amplification ensures efficient heat dissipation and low power consumption.


AV Distribution ‘Problem Solvers’

Consisting of digital audio converters (DACs), a delay module, and an extender kit, these products are purpose-built to resolve common audio challenges. RTI DACs include the ADA-1 Dolby Digital-to-Analog Downmixer and the VDM1x HDMI Downscaler With Downmixer. The ADA-1 decodes audio signals from sources with S/PDIF coaxial or TOSLINK optical outputs — such as Blu-ray players and media streamers — and converts them to standard stereo output for analog sound systems. The VDM-1x is ideal for multizone installations featuring a mix of both HD and 4K sources and displays. In addition to downscaling or upscaling video signals for compatibility with displays of different resolutions, the unit downmixes incoming Dolby Digital to stereo PCM audio. To address lip-sync issues and the challenges of long-distance signal distribution, RTI offers the ADM-1 Audio Delay Module and AXP-1 Digital Audio Extender Kit, respectively. To compensate for delays caused by differences in the audio processing speed of output devices, the ADM-1 allows you to delay audio from 20 ms to 340 ms using a 16-way selector dial. The AXP-1 seamlessly transmits audio over distances surpassing 650 feet using a standard Cat5e/6 cable. The unit supports coaxial and S/PDIF digital audio signals, stereo and multi-channel digital audio, 2-channel PCM sources, and 5.1 compressed audio.


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Severtson Screens Offers Cost Effective Option For Ambient Light Rejection

The Severtson Screens HCNC is a high quality, yet lower cost screen material compared to standard ambient light rejection (ALR) screens in today’s marketplace. Severtson’s high contrast grey projection screen material, known as HCNC, is an innovative front projection screen surface designed to increase contrast levels in medium-to-high ambient light situations and for high output projectors. The high contrast grey screen’s exceptional uniformity dramatically increases black levels, shadow detail, and overall color saturation. With support for 4K and better resolutions, High Contrast Grey provides the viewer with the ultimate projected image quality at a more affordable cost versus other ALR screens.

HCNC’s smooth vinyl surface evenly disperses light, creating the widest possible viewing angle while providing consistent brightness and contrast across the entire screen. Additional specifications and features for HCNC include high performance PVC for uniformity of texture and gain; Gain: 0.8 on axis (+/- 0.2); Max seamless height: 92.5in.; Thickness: 15mil (.381mm); Perforations: Micro-Perf 0.5mm; or Non-Perforated; ALR: 70 percent rejection; Available in multiple applications.

Founded in 1986, Severtson Corporation continues to be a global leader in innovation and quality. The Severtson family’s extensive experience in manufacturing small home theater screens and large cinema screens has given Severtson Corporation the expertise to meet the needs of the professional and consumer AV markets for both indoor applications as well as large outdoor venues.

For more information, please visit www.severtsonscreens.com, call 480-610-5155, or email sales@severtsonscreens.com.



Q2 – Recap

“We are so proud of what the SI Team has accomplished this quarter.  HANDS DOWN one of the most difficult quarters in company history.  YET, Everyone on the team stepped up and showed SI values like never before.  Checkout what the teams accomplished this quarter!” 

Ryan Gustafson


Now Shipping – Black Diamond & Short Throw Zero Edge Snap System




Now Shipping – Nano Box 375 Coupled






Now Shipping – Pocket Shade (Pocket 275, 375, 475 – Pocket Duo 275, 375, 475 – Pocket Coupled 375, 475 – Pocket Coupled Duo 375, 475)



Now Shipping – Solo Suspended Ceiling Mount






Now Shipping – Janus Plenum





This month, TruAudio is excited to announce the release of two new products! The first being the D16 Amplifier. It’s a revolutionary amplifier that is breaking the mold of the standard system with its 16 channels of high-performance 75 watts per channel all channels driven power rating and 8 RCA subwoofer outputs with built-in crossover. We found that the number one thing customers want from their distributed audio system is sound quality and available power and the D16 delivers both of these.

Our new IC-SUB-8 is a compact 8” passive in-ceiling subwoofer whose size allows a discreet in-ceiling installation to enhance the low-frequency response of the room’s speakers. This subwoofer is capable of receiving up to 150 watts of power, creating the warm and rich low-end your customers will fall in love with. Get ready to install this sub quickly and with ease! Being “Quick-Connect Ready” allows the installer to put this in-ceiling subwoofer comfortably in any environment.

By adding a TruAudio passive subwoofer like the IC-SUB-8 to our D16 amp you now can add great sound and bass discreetly and easily to any room of your choice. The D16 is full of state of the art and advanced features that can be customized to fit almost any system. The easiest way to add a subwoofer to a multi-room system is to pair an IC-SUB-8 and D16. Add this unstoppable duo to your home or commercial system today!



WhyReboot announces the temporary exclusive industry launch of two new Ruckus Wi-Fi Certified 6™ products, the R550 and the R850 Indoor Access Points. These new access points replace an industry staple – the R510, and the R850 is now the most powerful Ruckus AP ever built. The new Wi-Fi 6 Certified products are exclusive to WhyReboot because they are compatible with Cumulus6, our powerful fully cloud-employed network management, analytics, and self-repairing software and not currently compatible with any other platform such as ZoneDirector or Unleashed.


A picture containing sitting, table, white
Description automatically generatedThe Ruckus R550 will be the new go-to access point for most cost-sensitive deployments giving integrators the reliability, robustness and capacity capabilities of Ruckus APs for a lower price than the flagship models. With the R550 and R850, customer networks are converged to allow customers to eliminate siloed networks and unify Wi-Fi and IoT technologies into one single network by using built-in BLE and Zigbee. It can also expand to any future wireless technologies. Users will benefit from the Wi-Fi Certified 6 technology that delivers higher capacity, improved coverage, and affordability in dense environments.


A close up of a sign
Description automatically generatedThe Ruckus R850 Wi-Fi Certified 6 indoor access point, the successor to the R730,  provides ultra-high-performance for those clients with the insatiable demand for better and faster Wi-Fi in dense environments. Like the R550, the R850 has better mesh networking capabilities to reduce expensive cabling and complex mesh configurations to dynamically create self-forming, self-healing mesh networks. These, and other, network features are managed via WhyReboot’s Cumulus6.


Throughout 2020 WhyReboot will be deploying new products and offerings. To find out more, please download our ebook or contact us at sales@whyreboot.com.

Adapter Rings from Windy City Wire and TechLogix

We stock TechLogix Share-Me™ Presenter Cables!

Select from pre-made adapter rings for common configurations or create your own custom ring to suit your presentation needs.

Utilizing TechLogix Share-Me™ Presenter Cables ensures you always have the right adapter on hand. A secure ring locks your adapters directly onto an HDMI cable, ensuring they stay put and your meetings start on time.


Adapter Options Include:

  • USB-C to HDMI
  • Mini-Display Port to HDMI
  • Display Port to HDMI
  • AppleTM Certified Lightning to HDMI
  • AppleTM Certified USB-C to HDMI
  • DVI to HDMI
  • Micro-HDMI to HDMI
  • Mini-HDMI to HDMI
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Easily include the best adapter rings for your projects in your custom SmartKits via our kit building portal. Learn more

Windy City Wire offers a full line of top quality, low-voltage AV cables, connectivity products, accessories and tools. Combined with our patented cable management solution, AV integrators realize significant labor savings on their projects while increasing efficiency and safety for their crews. To learn more, click here

With 19 locations nationwide and impressive stocking levels we’re able to ensure fast delivery to get our customers what they need, when they need it. This is all backed up with exceptional customer service at every stage of your ordering process, thru delivery and beyond.

Windy City Wire is thrilled to be a part of the D-Tools program and we look forward to assisting this user community with all of their AV cabling needs.

For additional information visit www.smartwire.com or contact

Bill StangPro AV Sales Director  |  630.633.4535  |  bstang@smartwire.com

The minimal appearance Sub-Satellite In-Ceiling solutions is designed to provide Architecture-Friendly, High-Resolution In-Ceiling Loudspeakers while matching 3” and 4” round or square recessed lighting fixtures. The ICS3 new Spiral Planar Magnetic Driver that plays down to 900 Hz and offers an Ultra-Wide dispersion while matching the 4.25’ Woofer carefully aligned to the 8.5-inch matching Bandpass Sub1 Subwoofer. http://www.wisdomaudio.com/products/sage-ics3/


WyreStorm’s NHD-400-DNT-TX encoder offers stunning 4K HDR video, multichannel audio support and video resolution scaling to seamlessly handle mixed resolution HDMI sources for matrix and video wall functionality. Equipped with a Dante audio encoder, this encoder embraces the flexibility of standardized audio distribution.

The NHD-400-DNT-TX JPEG 2000 encoder is intended for use with any 400 Series JPEG 2000 decoder, providing a complete end-to-end video distribution system. Featuring incredibly low latency, the 400 Series is the ideal AV over IP solution for systems where high quality and low delay are key requirements, making it perfect for demanding commercial applications. When used in conjunction with Dante compatible audio equipment the 400 Series can distribute source HDMI or analog audio throughout an installation.

WyreStorm has been a leader in AV over IP technology for several years. Our award-winning NetworkHD series of encoders and decoders have been recognized by the AV industry as the tried and true AV over IP solution for professional integrators.