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  1. I am prompted to update my client but when I do, it says that my client is already updated. How do I update?
  • Send the customer the download links page and tell them to follow the instructions – Download Links

2. How do I fix my check in/check out error and my connection speed?

  • Download the latest client and server software by using the download links page – Download Links

3. How do I create a custom report? Custom Report

  • Click Start > Reports > Standard Report Designer. This will open the Report Designer interface.
  • Click File > New to open the New Report Wizard. Leave “New Report Based on Existing Report” selected and click the Next button.
  • Select the report you would like to base your custom report on.
  • Give the report a name, then click the Next button until you can click the Finish button to close the wizard. The custom report will inherit the settings of the original report if you do not make any changes in the wizard.
  • Select objects on the report workspace, then go to Properties section on the bottom right to make changes. You can also drag and drop objects from the Toolbox on the left and use Properties to modify. When done with changes, click File > Publish Report to publish the report and make it available for use.

4. How do I Link QB to D-Tools System Integrator 2017? Link QB


  • Open your QuickBooks company (.QBW) file and login as the Admin and switch to “Single User Mode”.
  • In QuickBooks Settings, choose “QuickBooks Desktop” and then map D-Tools System Integrator 2016 to your QuickBooks Company (.QBW) file. Configure the rest of your QuickBooks Settings.
  • Open Product Explorer, select a Product in the grid, then click on QuickBooks Tab, then click the Create button. QuickBooks will alert you on your Task Bar that action is required. Click on the QuickBooks icon on your Task Bar.


  • In QuickBooks Settings, choose “QuickBooks Online” and then click the [Connect with QuickBooks Online] button.
  • This will open the sign in form. Enter your QuickBooks Online credentials.
  • You will then need to click the [Authorize] button to allow data to be shared between SI and QuickBooks.
  • You will then be prompted whether you want to connect automatically moving forward if you want to be prompted to connect each time you use this functionality.

5. How do I create a Visio legend?  Visio Legend

  • A custom Visio Legend can be created by modifying the existing Symbol Legend.  This can be done by right-clicking the General Floor Plan Symbols stencil within the Drawing Add-In on the Shape tab and selecting Open Stencil.
  • Once the stencil is opened, right-click the General Floor Plan Symbols header and select “Edit Stencil”.
  • Double click on the Symbol Legend Editable to open it.
  • Right-click the shape and select show shape sheet.  Under protection, change Lock Group from 1 to 0 and press enter. Close out of this window.
  • Now right click on the shape again and select group>open group. From this window, you can add your shapes to the legend. Once the legend is as desired click the “x” in the top-right of the current window.  When prompted to save click yes.

6. How do insert a CAD file so it shows clearly and can be resized? Insert CAD

  • In Visio, click the Insert tab, then click the CAD Drawing button. Browse to the location of your CAD file and the CAD Drawing Properties window will appear. After making the necessary drawing scale adjustments, go to the bottom section and uncheck the box “Lock size and position”. This will allow you to resize the file as needed. Click OK when done. To lock the file once it has been resized, right-click and select CAD Drawing Object > Properties.

7.  How do I fix pages with blank background pages when I export Visio to pdf? export Visio to pdf

  • Open the Visio drawing.
  • Right-click on the tab on drawing page which is having the issue and select “Page Setup”:
  • In the Page Setup go to Page Properties tab. For the “Background” section, change it to “None”. Click Apply and OK.
  • Go to Background Title Page.
  • Click (CRTL+A) in the background title page to select all shapes.
  • Copy all the selected shapes (CTRL+C).
  • Return to the page with the issue and paste the background page shapes.
  • Repeat for any other pages that are not displaying properly when saved as a PDF.
  • Re-save the Visio project as a PDF and your title page will display on all pages as expected.

8.  Can I combine projects?

  • Open the two projects you would like to combine in the Project Explorer, side by side.
  • Select the item(s) in the secondary project you need.
  • Drag and drop them into the master project. A dialog box will ask you how you would like to assign locations and systems – select either (Assign to locations and system in the Drop Zone of the current project) or (Assign to location and systems from source project item). The locations and systems that not part of the current project will be created.

9.  How do I add two phases to one product? Labor Considerations

  • A product can only have one phase assigned to it.  To add another phase to this product, create a labor item that is assigned the desired phase. Add this labor item as an accessory to the product.

10.  How can I show the individual items in a kit on my Visio drawing, as separate items in different locations without adding the entire kit again? Packages

  • You can represent a “kit” in a Visio drawing in different locations by first, adding the individual products that make up the “kit”, to your catalog.
  • Create a package using those individual items and then add the newly created package to the project by using the add package icon in the home tab within the project editor. With the add packages menu up check the box “items in package can be in different location and system”. This will allow you to choose the location of the individual items of that “kit” in your Visio drawing without adding the entire kit again.