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FreeTools FAQ

What you need to know
Do I need Microsoft Visio to work with FreeTools?

Yes, FreeTools requires Microsoft Visio 2007 to 2013

Do I need a floor plan to work with FreeTools?

Yes because FreeTools works with plan view symbols.  You can get a CAD file from the architect builder or work with a floor plan in the pdf or jpg format.  The FreeTools documentation has detailed information on this topic.

Can I use the FreeTools symbols outside of a D-Tools/FreeTools drawing?

No, the FreeTools license prohibits the use of these stencils outside the FreeTools/D-Tools environment

Who created the symbol standards?

Various trade associations created and documented the different standards.  D-Tools thoroughly analyzed these documents and created the PSL based on these industry standards.  Care was taken to stay within the boundaries of these standards.

If I have a problem where can I get support?

FreeTools is supported by a moderated forum where D-Tools employees as well as other users can help you through any issues.  Click here to visit the Forum

Is FreeTools really “free”?

Yes, FreeTools is fully functioning, standalone software that never expires.  It is not a trial or a limited use version of our for sale products.

What information do you capture when using FreeTools?

The only information that we capture is your company information when registering the software.  The software does not have to be registered to be used but your company information and logo will not show up on the drawings if not registered.

What kind of reports can I get out of FreeTools?

FreeTools does not ship with a database by design so reports are limited to the standard Visio reporting functions and the final drawing output.  Database based reporting is a key feature of the D-Tools System Integrator application.

Is FreeTools just a collection of Visio stencils?

No, FreeTools is a fully customized Visio-based drawing environment that includes custom templates for all metric and imperial page sizes as well as a custom stencil tree.

Will a drawing created in FreeTools work in D-Tools SI?

Yes, we have created an insert drawing function in D-Tools SI that will let you insert a FreeTools drawing into SI and then assign actual products to all the symbols on the drawing pages.