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Why Drawings?

Why are drawings important?


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Industry standard symbols universalize projects. Not only does this simplify reading design documentation, it streamlines projects and increases efficiency and accuracy. Straightforward and easily-recognizable, industry standard drawing symbols represent all facets of pre-wire and installation for system designs, blueprints, or schematics, and are consistent with symbols used by Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, CE Manufacturers, Electronic Systems Contractors, and other professional trades.

By adopting and utilizing Industry Standard Symbols into the system design and documentation process, electronic systems integrators will more clearly communicate with project partners across trades. Not only do these new standards provide needed clarity and consistency between project partners, they also provide systems integrators an opportunity to compete for bids at a higher level, earn and maintain project access, streamline processes, and boost their bottom line.

FreeTools makes it easy to integrate professional drawings into the project process. By utilizing Microsoft® Visio, FreeTools users can instantly access multiple libraries of industry-specific plan view shapes that will help make it both easier to create drawings using universally accepted industry standards and clearly communicate with trade professionals.

FreeTools ships with a pre-defined set of drawing templates based on metric and imperial unit drawing sizes. Once the FreeTools software is registered, all drawings will feature your company information, logo and project information for a professional look.

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