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We have noticed that while utilizing a cropped PDF background in Visio, sometimes the PDF will “de-crop” itself and display the entire original PDF.

While this is not a System Integrator-related issue, and Microsoft is aware of this error, we want to provide some instructions on how to work around this issue.

This is not a permanent fix, however, we have a workaround to help users get their projects and drawings completed quickly as possible.

In order to keep your PDF cropped, please try the following steps:

  • First, crop the image, then right click and select copy.

  • After coping the image, delete.
  • Next, use the Visio Paste Special (right-click the drawing space, Paste Special) to paste image and select the “Picture” option.

  • Now, for the last step, export the file to PDF.  Now Visio will respect the cropping and we can zoom to the image as well in Visio.

We have included a demonstration video to show you the steps we just went over. The “Demonstration Video” below demonstrates the following:

  • Crop an image
  • Export to PDF – the PDF has a complete image and does not respect cropping

Quick Workaround Summary:

  • Copy Cropped Image to Clipboard
  • Delete Cropped Image
  • Paste Special the Image as a “Picture”
  • Export to PDF (cropping is respected)


Demonstration Video



If you have any questions or issues in regards to this topic, please let us know by going to https://d-tools.com/support_main/ to submit a support ticket, or join us in our Support Chat within the same page.

Again, while this is not a System Integrator issue, but we will do our best to assist!