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Increase Quote Speed, Set Client Expectations, and Shorten the Sales Cycle 

The more I talk to dealers these days, the more I hear the same thing.  There is action again in our industry —  frenzied, “crazy” business aplenty driven at a manic pace where clients more and more are requiring quick quotes and a shortened turnaround time.

Decreasing quote time and shortening the sales cycle are also great ways to improve your overall business model.  And what better way to deliver on today’s demands than with a mobile app that will not only help you with your project organization but also your client with their quote request.

While there are several ways to deal with this scenario via technology in today’s world, there may not be a solution quite like SI’s Mobile Quote 2.0. (Sound familiar?)  The Mobile Quote 2.0 app will enable you to access sections of your catalog in the field and generate estimates that you can share with your client right there on the spot.  You can even follow the presentation up with an email right from the app!

These three areas (quote speed, client expectations, and length of the sales cycle) all merit separate examination within the bounds of the Mobile Quote 2.0 platform.

So, let’s take a closer look:     


  • First – Increase your quoting speed…How does the app help?

When quoting in the field with a client at your side, one aspect that becomes critical is a solution based perspective.  And what does this mean?  Well, much of the time these days, instead of seeking specific part model numbers or a “bill of materials”, clients are looking for an all-encompassing response that will resolve their need.  “Solution-based selling”…You’ve heard of this, no?  

This approach can be accomplished with the utilization of Packages from your SI 2018 Catalog. 

The pricing structure can then be set with a Good, Better, and Best option.     

No need to fumble through price lists or search your phone for model numbers to cross-reference.
Your well-built out packages can be your strongest selling tool here within the app as all necessary accessories, including some spec-driven details, are potentially already made.

Also available for inclusion into field quotes within in the Mobile Quote 2.0 app are your Catalog Categories.

And again, utilization of the Good, Better, and Best pricing is available so computation of project pricing can proceed quickly.

Once your Package and/or Category selections are made, you can then move right to an initial budgetary presentation of price estimates to your client.

You will also then have the option to set other project parameters such as project type (i.e. residential, commercial, or your customized option), meeting objective(s), as well as a scope of work thus increasing the speed of your overall field quoting process.

  • Next – Setting client expectations within the app.

    With the inclusion of a Scope of Work written on the spot there in the field, you can begin to frame the client’s perspective on project details.

The population of the scope can move quickly as well if you already have the verbiage saved in another app document or email for copy/paste and editing “on the fly”.
Further, the Mobile Quote 2.0 app allows you to review the summations of the project with your client by location…

…or by system.

Your client will be able to review these values along with a breakdown of equipment and labor amounts in two ways.

By room/location:

Or by system:

These type of detailed result analysis in the field should immediately let your client know that your presentation to them is a “value added” proposition as multiple considerations (scope, locations, systems, and other details) are present in their project quote.
Payment terms and calculations can also be included and presented.

Which brings me to my next point, which is…

  • The Sales Cycle – Quick, Short, and Succinct.

    Maximizing your knowledge, skills, and abilities to craft a quote solution, present that solution to your client, review the solution details, and receive payment commitment for that solution is your ultimate goal. This is the essence of “solution based selling” and this is the essence of D-Tools Mobile Quote 2.0 for our SI 2018 on-premises software solution.
                    Quick – by setting your Good, Better, and Best price levels you make price selection fast.
                    Short – this process not only reduces the length of time for quote generation but also
                                 your client’s turnaround time as a majority of project details are readily
                                    available on the spot.
                    Succinct – When presented within the app format, all of the project details are buttoned
                                    up in a professional presentation right there on your iPad screen.  What could
                                    more succinct than that?

Isn’t this really the whole point of being in this business and utilizing software like D-Tools? 

Further, you can then email this quote directly to your client and even have them approve the quote before doing so.   

So, in the time necessary to walk the site and review details with your prospective client, you can create a quote with realistic, working budget parameters that enable your client to weigh their options and make their decision right there on the spot.

In conclusion, the D-Tools Mobile Quote 2.0 helps to streamline what is sometimes a lengthy process so that you can turnaround a budgetary estimate that is quick, short, and succinct.

And, if you have not checked it out yet, just click this link Mobile Quote 2.0 to get more details. Or, you can contact your D-Tools Customer Success Manager and get started working with the app immediately. 

As we head into what promises to be a busy year for all, the addition of Mobile Quote 2.0 to your SI 2018 arsenal will help you stay ahead of your competition and get the results from client meetings that you need.