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Domotz Integration

AV system integrators and IT technology managers face a multitude of challenges associated with continuing the post-servicing management phase of a project once the sales, system design, and installation are all complete. To avoid such issues, D-Tools and Domotz have partnered to ensure that client, product, and project information is efficiently, seamlessly and accurately managed from the initial client engagement through on-going service management. 

Founded in 2014, Domotz is a leading provider of remote network monitoring software and tech support systems for integration companies, IT professionals and hardware manufacturers. Its flagship platform Domotz Pro is a remote network management software designed to save time troubleshooting multiple networks, save costs, proactively prevent IT issues and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboards.

The combination of D-Tools’ estimation, design and project management capabilities, along with Domotz’s remote monitoring and management, enables D-Tools users to plan for ongoing service and monitoring from the outset of every client engagement – saving time and money, boosting profits, and delivering superior customer service.

The D-Tools – Domotz integration enables AV system integrators and IT technology managers to:

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Export D-Tools Project Information to Domotz Pro

Users of both platforms can push product and project information directly into Domotz Pro from the D-Tools SI interface. All project information, including locations, systems, phases, and individual products are seamlessly transferred to Domotz Pro for post-installation and on-going monitoring and maintenance of systems.

Remote Service Management

Ongoing service management can now take place remotely from any mobile and web dashboard – saving time troubleshooting multiple networks, saving costs, proactively preventing IT issues and solving problems in real-time.

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