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D-Tools – Domotz
Integration FAQs

What is Domotz Pro?

Domotz Pro is an affordable, remote network management software designed to save time troubleshooting multiple networks, save costs, proactively prevent IT issues and solve problems in real-time by mobile and web dashboard.

What are the benefits of Domotz Pro?

Remote monitoring and management is an integral part of customer service strategy and providies users the ability to save time and money, boost profits, and deliver superior customer service. Domotz Pro is a simple user interface, accessible from a desktop browser or mobile device, that allows users to manage and monitor their customers’ networks. The platform’s automated network topology discovery and automated device attribute discovery makes system deployment extremely fast – users can deploy a remote monitoring and management system within 15 minutes and avoid on-site service calls by doing more remotely.

Domotz provides outstanding troubleshooting and customer support, and improves client care with proactive issue detection and prevention. Domotz Pro connects to customer systems remotely and better understand their issues, as well as receive alerts when issues arise to fix problems before customers even know they exist.

What benefits does the The Domotz integration provide to D-Tools users?

Now any D-Tools user writing specifications for a project will be able to upload all device information to Domotz Pro without having to re-input device names and location information.

Upon setup of Domotz Pro with D-Tools device information, all recognized devices on the network will automatically be matched with their corresponding names and rooms. Then the software will guide the user through matching any unidentified devices with their correct name and room.

At a later phase of the integration, any changes made in the D-Tools software to device names and rooms will also be automatically reflected in Domotz Pro.

Will users have to be both a D-Tools and a Domotz customer to use this integration?

Yes, the integration is only available to both D-Tools and Domotz customers. The integration will need to be purchased from Domotz. D-Tools SI users will be provided with a registration process directly via the application to retrieve their API key to enable the connection between the platforms.

How do I connect to Domotz from D-Tools?

Access “manage integrations” in your D-Tools Control Panel, then copy your provided Domotz API Key. Copy that API Key within your Domotz account and you’ll be ready to export D-Tools products and projects into Domotz Pro.

For more information, please visit our documentation wiki.

How does pricing work?

In order to access this integration you must be both a D-Tools and Domotz customer – pricing for Domotz is available via www.domotz.com.

This integration is available to D-Tools users participating in the D-Tools Software Assurance plan for a nominal fee.