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What is D-Tools Cloud?
D-Tools Cloud is the next generation of D-Tools software. D-Tools Cloud provides a powerful, yet easy to use solution that streamlines the design, sale, procurement and installation of low voltage systems. D-Tools Cloud is completely re-imagined to capitalize on the capabilities made possible by cloud technology. Building on 20 years of experience in providing tools and resources that help integrators become more successful, the power of D-Tools is now available in a scalable, simple-to-adopt, web-based solution that intuitively guides users from managing sales prospects, through quoting, system design, and procurement. This new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application features sales pipeline and opportunity management, in-app collaboration, workflow management and guidance, critical business analytics, and interactive multimedia proposals accessible from any web-enabled Mac, PC or tablet.
How does D-Tools Cloud differ from System Integrator?
D-Tools System Integrator, which has been continually enhanced over the course of 20 years and successfully implemented by thousands of system integrators worldwide, is a full-featured on-premises application that requires the software to be installed on a server and a desktop computer. D-Tools SI is purchased on a perpetual user license model, which includes an upfront purchase of the software and training, plus a monthly (or annual) software maintenance fee (includes technical support, access to the product library, mobile capabilities, and more).   D-Tools Cloud is a web-based, multi-tenant, SaaS (software as a service) solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform and able to be run from any web browser on a Mac, PC or tablet. D-Tools Cloud has a fresh, intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it simple to get started and get to work. There is no upfront cost and the onboarding and training process is markedly simpler with D-Tools Cloud.   As a true SaaS solution, D-Tools Cloud has a subscription pricing model available on a monthly or annual plan. Its straight-forward pricing model enables customers to add users as needed and capabilities as they become available.
Does D-Tools Cloud have all the capabilities as System Integrator?
Initially, D-Tools Cloud is focused on helping streamline the sales and design process for our customers. D-Tools Cloud adds capabilities currently not available in System Integrator, such as CRM, workflow, guidance and collaboration. Over the next 18 to 24 months D-Tools Cloud will continue to add features such as scope & budget, procurement, project and service management, which will bring it to feature parity with SI and beyond.
Does D-Tools Cloud integrate with System Integrator?
No. D-Tools Cloud is a completely separate solution that builds on our 20 years of experience in building solutions for the systems integration market. D-Tools Cloud provides new tools and capabilities to help integrators streamline their business from any internet-enabled computer or tablet. We are currently working on tools to help you migrate your existing SI clients, contacts, catalog and projects over to D-Tools Cloud.
Can I import my SI Catalog into D-Tools Cloud?
Not right now, but D-Tools is working on an elegant import tool that will enable the migration of Client, Contact and Catalog information/data from SI to D-Tools Cloud. That import tool should be available later this year. Project details from SI will not transfer to D-Tools Cloud. The product architectures and data structures are too different to accommodate project data migration. A best practice for customers transitioning from SI to D-Tools Cloud is to complete existing projects in SI and start all new opportunities and projects in D-Tools Cloud, allowing the full transition to occur organically over time.
How do I purchase D-Tools Cloud?
D-Tools Cloud is a true SaaS (software as a service) solution. As such, it is available as either a monthly or annual subscription. D-Tools Cloud has an easy to understand pricing model that allows you to purchase additional users as needed and new capabilities as they come online.
How does the pricing model work?

D-Tools Cloud pricing is based on two components:  

  • Consumption: a monthly price per user of D-Tools Cloud
  • Capabilities: a monthly price based on additional available features of D-Tools Cloud

D-Tools Cloud starts at a monthly price of $79* per user per month for the baseline capabilities (CRM, Quoting, Live Proposals, Whiteboards, Analytics).

*Special Early Adopter pricing. Pricing good for the first 12 months – restrictions may apply.

Do you offer volume pricing?
Yes. We offer custom pricing plans for high-volume users, so please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team at sales@d-tools.com for more information
I am already a D-Tools Customer. How do I get access to D-Tools Cloud?
. If you are a D-Tools Software Assurance customer, then you will get access to D-Tools Cloud as part of your Software Assurance fee for a period of 18 months starting October 1, 2018, through March 30, 2020. To purchase Software Assurance please contact sales@d-tools.com.
When should I make the switch from SI to D-Tools Cloud?
We expect D-Tools Cloud to reach feature parity with SI over the next 18 months. As D-Tools Cloud is a pure SaaS application, we will make new features available as they are completed, and we will let you know as new capabilities come online.  Since every company’s process is unique, you will need to consider the capabilities that are most important to your company’s operations and make that decision as new capabilities become available.
How do I get help when I have a question?
We have built-in help throughout D-Tools Cloud. In the lower right corner of the app there is a chat button where you can ask questions and a member of our team will respond. You also have access to our integrated Help Center.
How do I report bugs/feature requests?
You can utilize the chat window to report bugs and feature requests. Our team monitors these requests and will get them to the right place.
How do I provide feedback for a particular feature or something that can improve?
Clicking the user profile in the bottom left, you will see a place to provide feedback. Here you will see a list of feedback entered by others and can vote for improvements, or you can enter new feedback.
Can I invite other members of my team to work in D-Tools Cloud?
Yes. We designed D-Tools Cloud to be a collaborative solution. Please visit our Help Center to learn how to invite your team to participate.
Are there any browser limitations?
We are working to support current versions of all major browsers however today we recommend using Chrome or FireFox.
Are there any OS limitations?
Since D-Tools Cloud is a pure web application, it will work on any web browser on PC or Mac.
Does D-Tools Cloud integrate with other solutions such as QuickBooks?
Yes. We have an out-of-box integration with QuickBooks Online, and an API that will enable integrations with other solutions such as CRM, accounting packages, and other solutions. We will be building out our integrations ecosystem over time and we will notify our customers as new integrations come online.
When can I expect more features (such as purchasing, project scheduling, etc.?)
We have a roadmap that will build on the major stages of a project – sales, design, procurement, installation, and service. We plan to add these capabilities over the next 12 to 18 months. As D-Tools Cloud is a pure SaaS application, we will make new features available as they are completed, and we will let you know as new capabilities come online.
Is D-Tools Cloud available for international regions?

  No, currently D-Tools Cloud is available for the North American regions, with plans to expand internationally in 2020.

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