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D-Tools and Tracknicity
Partnership FAQs

What is Tracknicity?

Tracknicity is an easy to use, mobile inventory and project tracking iOS application that integrates directly with QuickBooks. Tracknicity gives users the power to accurately, quickly, and easily track inventory and project progress, in real-time, utilizing a built-in UPC scanner.

What benefits does Tracknicity provide to D-Tools users?

The partnership between D-Tools and Tracknicity (presuming the use of QuickBooks), provides seamless workflow management from the initial project proposal through installation and service, with the inclusion of accurate inventory tracking throughout the project lifecycle. Other benefits include:

  • Reduces the need for manual inventory tracking and warehouse clipboards
  • Lightweight platform is virtually free to deploy and leverages smartphone devices that field organizations already have
  • Allows for real-time job cost reporting by providing precise budget vs. actual labor time/cost
  • Handles multi-location inventory, allowing business owners and employees to see vehicle stock, warehouse stock and total stock in an intuitive and simple-to-use web interface
  • Customize notifications – Reduces wasted field-to-office communication time as a result of constantly checking on item availability
  • Tracks items from received to staged to picked to delivered to installed with the convenience of UPC scanning technology
  • Reduces the risk of unnecessarily purchasing items already in stock
  • Integrates with both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop in a matter of minutes
Do D-Tools software users have to use QuickBooks to take advantage of the Tracknicity app?

Yes, Tracknicity integrates directly with QuickBooks. D-Tools Cloud and SI Users need to have the QuickBooks integration enabled in order to directly benefit from the use of the Tracknicity app.

Can I import new and existing products?

Create existing and new inventory products in Tracknicity from products in your D-Tools catalog. Detailed information such as model and part number, product description, price, and cost are automatically transferred to Tracknicity via the D-Tools QuickBooks connection.

How does pricing work?

In order to access these features, you must be D-Tools, Quickbooks, and Tracknicity customers. For Tracknicity pricing, please visit http://www.tracknicity.com or call Tracknicity at (720) 515-8936 and mention D-Tools.

D-Tools Cloud and SI users must have QuickBooks and the D-Tools QuickBooks integration in order to utilize this inventory tracking functionality. Please contact your D-Tools sales representative at 866.386.6571 or (925) 681-2326 Option 1.