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Create Your Own Custom Theme

As well creating your own custom report, you can also create your own custom themes. Your theme can even match your company logo colors!

To create a new theme, simply click on the Start menu and select reports> manage reports.

Now click on “Themes” in the top ribbon and download our stock themes.

Here we have a couple of stock themes you can choose from. If you want to create a new theme, click on the green plus sign.

This will open up the theme editor. Each Box has its own color attributes that you can change. You can also change the lettering color by clicking on the text. Once your box/lettering is selected, scroll over to the color you want in the column on the right-hand side of the window. If you want to use your company’s color, simply type in the hexadecimal code for your company color to match with your theme.

Once you’re done editing your theme, name your theme and click on save and close. Now you will be able to select your theme from the themes menu.

Once the theme is selected, all of your reports will follow this color scheme. If you have any questions about this feature, please email us at support@d-toolshelp.com.