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ConnectWise Integration

AV system integrators and IT technology managers face a multitude of challenges associated with accurate budgeting and estimation, sales, system design, purchasing, field operations and project reporting.  Poor or ineffective communication, along with missing or incomplete information are contributing factors, and often can be the difference between success and failure. To avoid such risks, D-Tools and ConnectWise have partnered to ensure that client, product, and project information is efficiently, seamlessly and accurately tracked from the initial proposal and system design through purchase, installation, and on-going service through an integration between D-Tools SI and ConnectWise Manage.

ConnectWise transforms how technology solution providers successfully build, manage and grow their businesses. Our award-winning set of software solutions provide a seamless experience to technology companies in more than 50 countries, giving them the ability to increase their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.When combined with a commitment to innovation, passion, and more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry, ConnectWise software solutions deliver the support companies want at each step of their business journey.

ConnectWise’s flagship solution, ConnectWise® Manage™, solves many common challenges including juggling multiple systems, cumbersome inventory processing, and complex project management. This end-to-end business management solution adds transparency, and ensures continuity, throughout an organization with a single system to manage everything from marketing and sales to project management, time management, and billing.

The combination of D-Tools’ award-winning design and documentation capabilities with ConnectWise Manage’s powerful back-office processes will provide users with an end-to-end workflow that dramatically improves efficiency across all areas of their business.

The D-Tools – ConnectWise integration enables AV system integrators
and IT technology managers to:

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Export D-Tools Project Information to ConnectWise

Push customer and project information directly into ConnectWise Manage from the D-Tools SI interface. All project information, including locations, systems, phases, and individual products are seamlessly transferred to ConnectWise Manage for procurement, scheduling, installation and service.

Import New Products or Match to Existing Items

Create new products or map to existing items in ConnectWise Manage. Detailed information such as model and part number, product description, price and cost information is automatically transferred and assigned to an opportunity or project within ConnectWise Manage.

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Procurement, Scheduling, Management and Billing

This project information can now be utilized throughout the project workflow – making it easy for project managers and internal teams to purchase equipment, schedule installation and service tasks, manage field technicians, and invoice clients.

D-Tools and ConnectWise Integration FAQs:

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