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 D-Tools Cloud to  System Integrator  Integration FAQs

What is the integration between D-Tools Cloud and System Integrator?

This integration enables D-Tools Cloud users to send Quotes that have been created (and accepted by the client resulting in a “Won Opportunity”) in D-Tools Cloud to SI where engineering and project management functions may be performed.

This enables salespeople to utilize the mobile-friendly, simplified toolset featured in the next generation D-Tools Cloud for sales opportunity management, quoting, and multimedia proposals, while at the same time enabling more detail-oriented system designers and project managers to take advantage of SI’s deeper functionality associated with drawings, purchasing, project planning and execution, service management, and reporting as well as integrations with QuickBooks Desktop and other 3rd party back office applications.

What information is sent over from D-Tools Cloud to System Integrator?

This integration is a one-way push over to D-Tools SI. Client and contact information will be sent over, along with associated “accepted” quote/proposal details such as site/billing address, project locations, systems, products, and any associated labor.

Can users start a project in System Integrator and then send it to D-Tools Cloud?

No. This integration is a one-way push from D-Tools Cloud to SI. This workflow is intended for sales opportunities and quotes to originate in D-Tools Cloud and then be sent over once the proposal is accepted and the sales opportunity is won.

Can a “won opportunity” be managed in both D-Tools Cloud and SI?

No. Once an opportunity has been won, the accepted quote becomes a “project.” The workflow has been designed to provide the user with a choice to manage that resulting project in either D-Tools Cloud or SI for procurement, project changes, drawings, and project management.

Can users transfer their database from System Integrator into D-Tools Cloud?

Yes, users can export your D-Tools SI catalog to a .csv file and import this .csv file into D-Tools Cloud. However, the data structure is different, so there are some elements (such as images, packages, i/o’s, and custom fields) that will not transfer over. Project details from SI will not transfer to D-Tools Cloud.

Is there a cost to this integration?

No. There is not a direct cost to turn on the integration between D-Tools Cloud and SI, however in order to access the integration you must be a D-Tools Software Assurance customer running the most current version of SI, and have an active D-Tools Cloud subscription.

How do existing SI customers purchase D-Tools Cloud?

D-Tools SI customers can purchase D-Tools Clould directly from within the SI application, or by visiting d-tools.cloud. Current D-Tools Software Assurance customers can enter their SI license key to unlock exclusive preferred customer pricing.

How does the pricing model work?

As a SaaS solution, D-Tools Cloud is available as a monthly or annual subscription. D-Tools Cloud is licensed on per-user, which is different than SI’s concurrent user licensing model.


How do users access the integration from within SI?

Under Integrations in our Control Panel is where you will enable the integration via a checkbox. You will then have the option when creating a Project to “Create from D-Tools Cloud”. The project will then import from D-Tools Cloud into SI.

For more information, visit the D-Tools support wiki here.


Do users need to do any set up for the integration in D-Tools Cloud?

To enable the integration from Cloud to SI, users will need to go settings and open the integrations tab. Users will have to enter their SI License Key to enable the integration. This will be used to validate the license and setup the connection to enable projects to be sent to SI.


Do D-Tools Cloud and SI need to be on the same network for the integration to work?

No. D-Tools Cloud is a web-based application that works on any internet-enabled device. In order for quotes to be received into SI, the network firewall settings must be configured to allow traffic from d-tools.cloud. For more information, please visit the D-Tools Support Wiki.


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