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D-Tools – BlueDog Data Services FAQs

Who are BlueDog Data Services?

BlueDog Data was formed by several CEDIA/CES professionals with extensive and diverse experience. The diverse backgrounds that make up BlueDog include 27 years in custom electronic control and system design for the luxury residential marketplace, 20 years in the IP device-services now IoT (Internet of Things) marketplace and over 60 years in luxury smart home system design marketplace.

What are the benefits of BlueDog Data Services?

BlueDog Data Services help D-Tools customers realize higher productivity with the D-Tools platform by eliminating the need for in-house resources to build, manage, and update their D-Tools product catalog. For a low monthly fixed cost, BlueDog Data Services will add products, update pricing, accessorize and ensure that your D-Tools product catalog is accurate, consistent, and complete – enabling you and your team to focus on your business.

What makes BlueDog Data Services different from other data providers?

The short answer is that the BlueDog team vets & reviews every item and “enriches” the data, to ensure that it is “proposal & engineering ready”.  What that means is that they review over 2 dozen fields to make sure they are correctly populated and consistent relative to similar manufacturer and model (e.g. category/sub-category, install phase & time).  BlueDog has developed standards for all the fields they manage, and apply these standards to every item to ensure that they meet their criteria of Accurate/Consistent/Complete on every item…all the way down to the connector level!

BlueDog also individually accessorizes each item as appropriate, with both equipment and labor typically necessary for installation.  An example would be new construction brackets for speakers, cabling for equipment (power cords, LAN cables, interconnects, etc.), brackets for mounting, setup labor (e.g. TV-Setup, DVR-Setup) and programming (e.g. UI programming for remotes & touch screens).

Additionally, BlueDog maintains a library of “soft” items often needed in a proposal, such as budget placeholders, OFE equipment and various labor items.

The BlueDog master database has been developed over a decade of real-world use by the team at Audio Design, who use it daily to provide system design & documentation services to integrators across the country.  It is built to support that effort.  That same database is now available through the Blue Dog Data service, and the number of items in the catalog is growing daily.  Fundamentally, this eliminates the need for BlueDog clients to manage a database – freeing them to focus on the powerful features of the D-Tools software platform to create proposals, documentation, and manage their business.

How does pricing work?

BlueDog Data services are available as a hosted service for a monthly fee. For pricing please visit http://www.bluedogdata.com/ or call BlueDog at (954) 246-0492.

For more information on BlueDog Data Services please visit www.bluedogdata.com.