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D-Tools Hosted Solution FAQ’s

Q How much does the D-Tools Hosted Sever cost?
A $149 per month with a $199 one time set up fee

Q Can I cancel the service at any time?
A Yes, anytime with 30 day notice

Q Is my data backed up?
A We run an automatic D-Tools back up daily and that backup is then stored on a server in our Georgia D-Tools office

Q Can an existing customer sign up for this service?
A Yes, we set up the AWS instance, and then D-Tools Tech Support moves your Server files to the Hosted Server

Q How do I connect to the Hosted Server?
A Just point your SI Client to the IP address of the Hosted Server

Q Is my data secure on a D-Tools Hosted Server?
A Yes, we only allow traffic from the D-Tools SI application, and the only ports opened to traffic are 9010, 1433 and 1434

Q Can I add extra security to my Hosted Server?
A Yes, we can lock down your Hosted Server so connections can only be made from named IP addresses; just ask us for that extra security

Q Can I remote desktop into the cloud server instance?
A No, for security we don’t open the RDP port

Q Where is the AWS server hosted?
A AWS data centers are located in: Oregon, N. Virginia, N. California, Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, São Paulo.  For U.S. customers, their cloud server is normally hosted in Oregon.  Servers can be in different locations for non U.S. customers.

Q How do I do a D-Tools SI server update?
A Just make a support case and we will do it for you

Q Can I access my Hosted Server from home?
A Yes, you can connect from anywhere you have an internet connection

Q If I no longer want this solution, can I move D-Tools back to an internal server?
A Yes, we just do a server move back to one of your physical machines