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Autodesk AutoCAD Integration

D-Tools’ integration with Autodesk allows you to create detailed designs by leveraging industry-standard drawing tool AutoCAD. System Integrator’s AutoCAD interface is data-driven and enables you to quickly and easily generate detailed Plan View, Elevation, and Schematic drawings by simply dragging and dropping products from your catalog or project file to your drawing surface to create your drawings. Any items added to a drawing are updated in the SI project file. D-Tools provides a two-integration with drawings – meaning that drawings can be created from products within an existing SI project equipment list, or as items are added to a drawing from the catalog, and they are automatically added to the equipment list, keeping the project in-sync and up-to-date.

SI 2018 continues to add upgrades to D-Tools’ legendary design capabilities. Enhancements to the D-Tools AutoCAD interface – including support for AutoCAD 2019 – provide users with unparalleled power and automation tools that will help better generate industry-specific drawings with data-driven AutoCAD blocks – streamlining the design process and significantly improving communication across teams.

Create detailed, data-driven AutoCAD drawings including:

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Plan View

Plan View shapes in SI have unique capabilities, enabling users to assign shapes to specific categories or sub-categories, as well as offer control for specific variations by utilizing the Shape Data UI. The Plan Icon shape automatically configures itself based on the shape choices selected by the user. Variables such as mount type, color, text are configurable and offer the user complete control over look and feel.


The Elevation View allows you to show your customers what the finished system will look like from a point of view perspective. It is particularly useful for rack drawings and showcasing higher-end systems with custom cabinetry, or communicating how the system will fit into a particular room.

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Schematic drawings show the connections between the components. The Schematic is a visual representation of the engineered system, and allows you to virtually “connect” the system before you even order any actual product. This is the drawing that the installers will use to ensure that all the components are correctly connected, and gives the customer confidence that the system will work as promised. From this drawing detailed installation reports are generated – Wire Schedules, Wire Checklists, and Wire Labels can be created for the entire project.