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A direct integration between D-Tools SI and Solutions360’s Q360 ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution enables a comprehensive workflow that helps companies plan, budget, sell, engineer, install, and service electronic systems,  as well as predict, and report on their organizations’ financial results.

The combination of D-Tools System Integrator (SI) and Q360 provides immediate access to project reporting and relational information (such as product and labor) that can drive project profitability and increase efficiencies across the business.

The integration leverages the strengths of both applications, and provides a complete and seamless end-to-end workflow from the initial contact through quoting, system design, procurement, installation and service. Starting in Solutions360, sales opportunities are created and passed over to D-Tools SI for project quoting, detailed system design & engineered drawings. The resulting project information (including locations, systems, product cost/price, and labor estimates) is returned to Q360 for product procurement, project management, invoicing and reporting.

Benefits to Q360 users:
Q360 users will benefit from D-Tools SI’s data-driven project quoting capability that leverages D-Tools’ comprehensive product library – including detailed specifications such as model, description, pricing, dimensions, inputs and outputs, installation phase, estimated labor times, AutoCAD/Visio images, and much more, from thousands of manufacturers. This product information is leveraged throughout the proposal, system design, project management and ordering process. Users generate fast, accurate, and detailed proposals complete with locations, systems, products and related accessories, and labor estimates that can be published to the web for review, comment, and e-sign approvals. The same data-driven process is used to quickly generate detailed engineering drawings – line, plan, rack and interior elevations, functional schematics –  via D-Tools’ integration with AutoCAD and Visio through a simple drag and drop interface. Drawing files auto-generate a variety of client, installation, and management reports, such as wire schedules and wire labels to ensure complete and efficient installations and improve communication with field technicians, customers, and other trades.

Benefits to SI users:
SI users will benefit from Q360’s comprehensive, enterprise resource management solution by providing their company’s project and service teams with the tools to quickly search for and assign the right resources to projects based on their job roles, skill sets, bill rates, certifications, location, and availability. Real-time data – including project completion percentages, gross margin percentages, remaining hours, work in progress, budget vs. actual reports, and profitability analysis – are all driven from product and labor information as originally specified and sold, providing instant understanding of the overall performance of their project teams and the ablility to make faster and more effective business decisions. Once a project has been sold and approved, time and expense records are automatically routed through Q360’s workflow for approval and posting. From there, an invoice is created directly within Q360. Users will also see an accurate picture of their company’s financial standing with Q360’s revenue recognition rules, which provides clear differentiation between recognizable revenue for work performed and amounts contractually billable.

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D-Tools and Solutions360 Integration FAQs: