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Do you ever find yourself needing to replace or add an item on a change order, but would like to keep the Project price the same?

Well, there’s some great news! We have multiple options!

#1. When creating an internal change order, users will see the following prompt, which will suggest marking the additional items as “None-Billable”. This will allow you to maintain the project price when the change order is approved and applied to the project.  


#2. With the addition of Allowances, you can add an Allowance package with the estimated price for the “to be determined items” at the beginning of the project prior to its approval. This way, later on down the road, when you know which items need to be added, you can add these items directly to this Allowance. Once the items are added to the Allowance, you can view the remaining balance compared to the original Allowance value, and this will also maintain the project price when the change order is Approved and applied to the project.


#3. If you need to replace a particular “Approved” item, but would like to maintain the project price, you can utilize the “Replace” functionality and check the “Maintain Installation Prices” checkbox located in the top ribbon of the “Replace Products” view. This will also maintain the original Project price when the change order is Approved.


Have you found yourself wanting to delete items from a change order, but you want to maintain the project price?

We got some great news here as well! Prior to SI v13 this was not possible. However, the addition of Placeholders resolved this problem. Now, users are able to mark items as deleted and when going to Approve the change order utilize the “Placeholder” functionality, after selecting the “Maintain cost and price of the deleted items in a placeholder item” to maintain the project price even if multiple items are removed.


Last, do you ever wonder if you can maintain the accessories or drawing shapes when replacing Approved parent products on change orders?

We’ve got some great news! When using the “Replace” functionality you will find these options right in the top ribbon of the “Replace Products Wizard”.


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