Why FreeTools?

Why FreeTools is great for Visio users

Providing Visio users with free libraries


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Established universal industry standards are an important component of successful drawing designs and technical projects, creating uniformity within any given project for clear communication across all areas in any systems installation project. D-Tools’ FreeTools PSL (Professional Symbol Library) application provides Visio users with free libraries of these residential and commercial industry-specific plan view shapes that make it easier to create drawings to communicate using universally accepted industry standards.

FreeTools PSL is initially available with three Symbol Libraries – Audio-Video-Control, Security, and Custom. The AVC (Audio-Video-Control) stencils are a residential version based on the J-STD-710 symbols created by a joint committee from CEDIA, CEA and InfoComm. The Security stencils are based on the SIA Architectural Graphic Standard, and the Custom stencils contain useful symbols such as wire, text call out, and a Universal dimension shape.

FreeTools ships with a pre-defined set of drawing templates based on metric and imperial unit drawing sizes. Once the FreeTools software is registered, all drawings will feature your company information, logo and project information for a professional look. Users can import a floorplan into the drawing template and add the FreeTools symbols to the drawing, referencing mount type, specify colors and labels, and more.


  • By implementing industry standard symbols into the D-Tools System Integrator platform, electronic systems integrators can tie these symbols to a vast data catalogue provided by manufacturing partners, and are provided an effective means for producing professional-looking, easily recognized proposals and design documentation that allows you to compete at a higher level and win more bids. Not only does standardization provide extensive value to every entity involved in a given installation, it will soon become a requirement. Essentially, D-Tools provides integrators a leg-up on their competition by encouraging the early adoption of industry standardized drawing shapes.


  • The FreeTools PSL app gives you a lot of options for labeling, call outs, colors, etc. Here is an example of a system designed with our FreeTools AVC symbols. 

    In this example we have created a small system that encompasses the master bedroom and an outdoor pool/spa zone. We have imported the floorplan into Visio and placed the FreeTools AVC shapes onto the drawing page.
    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 1.28.09 PM

  • If we zoom into the different areas we can see some of the detail that is in this drawing.  For the Spa area we have designed an outdoor, ground mount subwoofer/satellite speaker system with a volume control.  The two speakers are clearly marked “ST” for Stereo and “G” for ground.  These options are drop down menu choices accessed by a right click on the shape and/or a Shape Data UI option.  The volume control is marked the a “G” as well for the mount type and the “R” symbolizes rotary as the device type.  The subwoofer in the middle is clearly labeled as such with the “S” symbol and the wire is clearly labeled with the Headend name.  The wire colors are adjustable and we have chosen blue as the standard for audio wires.


  • If we take a detailed look at another area in the drawing we see that we have a wall mount Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera with a red wire that goes to the security headend.  We have a phone/data jack with a brown wire that goes to the Phone headend and a couple of surface mount speakers under the eve.
    Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 1.31.53 PM

  • Sample FreeTools AVC System
  • Pool/Spa zone
  • Shape Data UI
  • Detailed phone/data jack