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D-Tools’ company and project calendars give users the option to create Install Tasks and Service Orders for any user or resource. Install Tasks and Service Orders can be moved around the calendar via drag and drop, making it easy to move items around as schedules change. The new calendar has a Quick Filter to quickly find resources and check status of Install Tasks and Service Orders. Calendar items can also be viewed on a per-project basis.

New in SI 2016

Add Timeline View to the Calendar – D-Tools’ Calendar now features a timeline view in addition to the standard Day, Week, and Month. The timeline duration can be changed, ranging from 15 minutes to 1 day.


Add Business Hours to Scheduling – Companies can now define their business or working hours. The default setting is Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm. The Business Hours dialog allows users to select working days, holidays, and hours of operation.


Add Description and Contact to Project Tasks – Tasks now have a description and a contact. The default contact is the primary project contact, however this may be changed for a specific task.

Add IP Address to Task Items – IP Addresses can now be edited on task items and will sync to project from the task item.


Add Project Number to Service Order and Task displays – Project Number has been added to Service Order Explorer and Task Explorer and can also be searched on in these views. The tooltip on Calendar also displays the Project Number.

Prompt to Publish to Mobile Install from Calendar – When user drags or changes dates on published tasks and service orders in the calendar there is a prompt to publish to Mobile Install.

Manage the install more effectively through SI 2016’s integrated Project Scheduler. This functionality is available directly within any D-Tools SI project or through the Calendar, making you more efficient and ensuring your projects are delivered on time and to budget. Install Tasks allow you to track labor tasks, installations, and resource scheduling. Consistent use and tracking of Install Tasks used in conjunction with SI’s project scheduling and resource management tools will help you improve your product-based labor estimates’ accuracy over time.

Send Install Tasks and Service Orders to Google and Hotmail Calendars – In addition to Outlook, Tasks and Service Orders can be sent directly to Google and Hotmail calendar users. Start and end dates, address, task description, notes, and links to SI 2016’s Mobile Install information will be sent as part of the Calendar event.

Improved Resource Management – View and edit resource hours and costs for Install Tasks and Service Orders. Manage resources, identify and resolve scheduling conflicts, and track over selected date ranges or by Client and Project. Resource hours can be exported to a csv file for import into accounting systems.

Install Tasks

Schedule Install tasks for any project utilizing the equipment from the SI project. Set date, time, assign resources, and select products to install by Location, System, Category, or Manufacturer. Install tasks can be sent out to your teams via Outlook, Google Calendar, or published to Mobile Install for detailed time and completion tracking.



Service Orders

SI 2016’s Service Order feature lets you schedule pure service tasks such as warranty repairs, system maintenance, programming, or diagnostic services. Service Orders can be used to track products that have been sold and need to be repaired, or track services for new clients (where you might not have installed the original equipment.) Service orders do not need to be associated to an existing project, and can be used to track new installs and repairs.

Track the progress of the Service Order and manage resources through SI’s Resource Calendar, and send the Service Order out to your team as an Email, Appointment or Task via Outlook, Google Calendar or our Mobile Install functionality.