2013 Design Awards


2013 Design Awards Winners & Finalists

Thanks to everyone who participated in our 2013 Design Awards. We had a record number of entries and we had some great representative works of our solution.

Thanks again to our MVP Sponsors of the following categories:


  • Best Residential Project
    1st Place- Vidabox  LiivNAS
    2nd Place- Anthony Gallo Micro SE speakers and TR-1D sub. 
    3rd Place– Atlona
  • Best Commercial Project
    1st Place- Zektor Clarity Audio 16X16
    2nd Place- Vidabox Pack
  • Most Unique Project- Vaddio
  • Best Overall Project – Core Brands

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All entries included a project description and designs were created in D-Tools software.
Winners were individually selected by the D-Tools Executive team based on the information provided on the entry. Winning entries were judged on a number of criteria, including originality, overall design, usage of and demonstrated design proficiency with D-Tools Software.

Winners were announced at CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado during the D-Tools Design Awards Ceremony on Friday, September 27th. This was promoted through the trade press and all winning entries will be announced via a press release that will be distributed to the press after the ceremony.

Best Residential: Winner

It’s done! Technology – New Wave House – Submitted by Ryan Ovens

A four story renovation in Hampstead, London that was fitted with a Savant system incorporating Audio and Video distribution, CCTV and HVAC integration.  The client requested from the start that the rack be of award-winning standard.

By using D-Tools alongside Visio, it was possible to accurately design and plan a method for dressing cables into the system in the correct order, with the correct labels.  The project is at practical completion and we intend to enter it into both best dressed rack and best integrated home under 100K at the next CEDIA awards.  The technical side of the project was also very smooth with only one occurrence of "installing a TV more than once" commonly found in such residential projects.

We have developed multiple custom reports to aide with both our design and management process.

Overall, the client has expressed her delight at working with us as her "favourite sub-contractor.”  Although she was not aware, this was all made easy due to D-Tools' design and management.

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Best Residential: 2nd Place

Hausba Smarthomes Limited – Thompson Project – Submitted by Toochukwu Onyemelukwe

High-end home automation system. It covers Audio/Video distribution for nine rooms, three living rooms and two outdoor suspended pools plus a roof garden. Total of 109 speakers on the project. A dedicated home cinema with a 9.2 surround sound system. A 3D SIM2 M150 projector with a 103" fixed projector screen. Smart lighting control from Modelighting integrating dimming and DMX control. Access controlled doors with integrated DSC home fire & intrusion system. A drop-down and swivel TV lift from Inca plus a 46" mirror TV from Seura. 16 3MP-5MP IP cameras from Axis all integrated with Control4 in-wall & table top touch screens. Whole house power backup system with a total capacity of 100KVA. 45 automated roller shades and curtains from Somfy all integrated to the Smart lighting Control plates.

D-tools has allowed us maintain a professional design and project management approach which has been a critical success factor to this ongoing project. Imagine dealing with such an enormous amount of data using traditional methods without D-tools?

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Honorable Mention: Residential:

Jones Designs – European Residential Tower – Submitted by Keith Jones

AV, control and private cinema for the communal floors of one of Europe's tallest residential buildings.

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Best Commercial: Winner

Atea AS - Rica Hall - Submitted by Christian Brondbo

A conference hotel that wanted a long needed upgrade of their AV-system to meet today’s demands. The conference hall is used both for traditional conferences but also for events, concerts and performances. It was very important to the customer that the system needed as short turnaround time as possible. The other factor here was the time issue. The final solution were agreed on in mid june and the conference hall had to be finished for a large conference on august 20th - placing the whole install period in the middle of the Norwegian summer holiday. With the precision and power of SIX we were able to be very precise in all purchases and keeping both in-house and hired technicians on the same page throughout the whole process. In 4 weeks, we delivered 640 man hours and a finished install.

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Honorable Mention: Commercial

CRC Audio Video – Bainbridge Island Museum of Art – Submitted by Jay Nichols

We were brought into this project originally to fix the existing Crestron video system that was poorly installed and not functioning in their auditorium.  Due to the customers bad experience with the Crestron system the customer had already hired another A/V contractor to install the system in the new museum they were building.  When they told me they wanted to have to 2 systems work together, I created a drawing of the existing system and showed them how there was no room to expand using two different systems.  

I offered to design a new system for them that they could ask their hired contractor to install.  I recommended that they should use a single automation system to simplify use.  I told them they could use the Crestron system (which now worked very well) or they could use the system they had already bought from the other contractor.  They liked what I had presented to them so much that they decided to pay off their existing contract and hire us to do the work.  

We expanded the Crestron DM video system and added to the Lectrosonics Aspen mixer using Dante to send the audio between the auditorium and basement racks over approximately 200’ of Cat-6 cable with no latency.  The systems incorporate a live venue (Auditorium) with multiple microphones, monitors and digital surround sound, a classroom that can be divided into two separate rooms, a conference room and 12 other audio/video zones.  They have a paging microphone located at the reception desk that will mix in (and slightly attenuate) to the program information in every zone, to make emergency announcements.  We also provided a rolling TV cart with a Laptop and Blu-ray player that can be plugged in to the DM system at 5 different locations as needed.  We are using Crestron’s new TSW-750 touch panels, Xpanel and iPad control apps to control each zone.  

Without D-Tools I would not have been able to determine and show to the customer the deficiencies in their existing design let alone create a new one that took care of all of their needs (including the ones they didn’t know they needed).

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Best Overall

Media Connections – MKSPK – Submitted by Duane Smith

Media Connections Inc., a Metro New York City based audio visual company, hired Fuerzo, LLC to create the design for the MKSPK, New York City Commercial Project. Media Connections was hired by the client in 2010 to implement nine interactive Smart Conference Rooms.  A requirement of the project was to outsource the wiring to the local NYC union. As a result, we needed to be as thorough as possible with every wire, piece of conduit, local head end, display device, lighting control, touch panel, speaker, and even each conference room. We partnered with Fuerzo, LLC for design services, confident that Fuerzo would meticulously place the floor plan and highlight each room detailing every piece of equipment utilizing D-Tools comprehensive software.  This was an ongoing project that took three years to complete.  D-Tools software was an integral part of this project due to the complexity and organization of the design and engineering.

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Most Unique

Service Tech AV – Single-Mast Sail Boat M5 – Submitted by Tim McKelvey

Audio/Video design for the world's largest single-mast sail boat M5, formerly known as Mirabella V

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Most Unique: Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention Most Unique:

Encore Custom A/V/Firefly Creative – Bahamas Project – Submitted by James Fredrick

Ian Williams, the owner at Encore, was asked to provide consulting and design documentation for a project in the Bahamas. Ian Williams hired Firefly Creative As a direct consequence of the quality of D-Tools, Encore has since been hired to take on the entire project, from pre-wire to rack elevations. 

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